There has never been a time where abstract artist, Chelsea Hart, didn’t feel the need to create. Although born in Cincinnati, Ohio, she has traveled throughout the states and around the world. Her love for art first brought her to Western Kentucky University to pursue a degree in visual studies, and after numerous trips to Denver — she knew this city would become her home. Hart has ventured to Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Iceland, Mexico, Italy, Belize, Ecuador and the list goes on — gathering inspiration from the world around her, whether it be from a memorable meal, local creatives or people who simply radiate good vibes.

Creativity is ingrained into Hart’s soul — she bottles up a sliver of inspiration and explodes her ideas onto canvas. She paints what makes her happy and hopes to invoke the same happiness when others see her work. Hart has had an affinity for astrology since high school, so her current series explores the different astrological signs through different colors and brush strokes.  303 Magazine had the chance to learn more about Hart, her artwork and the future endeavors she has.

303 Magazine: What sparked your love for art?

Chelsea Hart: I can’t remember a time I haven’t been creative. My favorite class in school has always been art, my favorite after-school activity as a kid was anything that involved being artistic. I’ve always been an artist, I’ve always loved art, it’s who I am, it’s in my soul.

303: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

CH: Where don’t I draw inspiration from?! Simply venturing out into the world with an open mind and being present inspires me — traveling, eating and drinking, having meaningful conversations, fellow creatives, walks in nature and in the city, books, podcasts, you name it! Travel is always inspiring. I love visiting other countries and getting another perspective on life. Experiencing different food, architecture and pace of life really open up your eyes. I’m inspired by other avenues of creativity other than painting, such as food. I love going out to dinner or watching cooking shows and seeing how a chef pairs ingredients together — how simple things in nature can become something so beautiful. Observing all different types of creatives whether that be a photographer, interior designer, chef, potter, florist, anything really. I love being around people who are passionate about something.


303: How do you translate your ideas about astrological signs into abstract art? And why?

CH: I think about a couple of different things when creating any piece of art — color palette and feeling/emotion. When translating the astrological signs into art, I thought first of the individual characteristics of each sign, and what color(s) would represent that characteristic. Then I thought of the sign as a whole, and how I wanted it to come across in a painting. Did I want it to be calming? Exciting? Moody? And how can I use those individual colors with the overall feeling of the painting? If it’s moody, that could be a painting with dark blues and quick, painterly brush strokes. If it’s calming, that could be more pastel colors with soft, easy paint strokes. I spent a lot of time studying each sign and the different meanings behind certain colors.

303: Have you always been interested in astrology, or can you remember when that started happening?

CH: I really started to get into astrology in high school. I would check out astrology books from the library and pour over them — analyzing everyone in my life and their sign. I became interested in it again a few years ago for the simple fact that it kept popping up in my life without me searching for it. It piqued my interest yet again, and I started to dig a little deeper by reading more books, listening to podcasts, and finding information any way I could.


303: What messages or feelings are you trying to invoke through your art?

CH: I walk the line between calm and grounding, and fun and happy. When someone walks by a piece of my work, depending on the piece I either want them to sigh a breath of relief because it makes them feel peaceful and at ease, or I want the piece to brighten their day and give them energy. Either way, my goal is to shift someone’s mood for the better.

303: Describe your process, from concept to creation.

CH: Gathering inspiration, experimenting, planning, creating “bad” work, revisiting the “bad” work, more planning, more experimentation, pushing through to the other side past the “bad” and finally, creating a piece I’m happy with.

303: How would you describe your creative process in one word?

CH: Experimentation.

303: If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

CH: Confident, determined, lighthearted

303: Do you have any dream projects?

CH: I would love to paint a giant mural on the side of a building or some other massive wall. Securing an artist residency in some foreign beautiful city would also be amazing. Collaborating with other creatives that I admire. Participating in a well-known art fair or art show. I have so many dreams and goals as an artist.

303: What is one thing you’ve accomplished that you never thought you’d accomplish?

CH: I’m such a stubborn person that when I set my mind to something I almost always accomplish it. I can’t think of a goal that I’ve set for myself that I didn’t see through to the end.

303: What is your number one goal for this upcoming year?

CH: To get my work in front of a large audience that it really resonates with.

View Chelsea Hart’s artwork here.

All photos courtesy of Chelsea Hart.