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Tabitha Lane has a lot on her plate these days. Between creating heartfelt content for her lifestyle and fashion blog and curating her vibrant Instagram feed for her engaged followers, Lane advocates for clean beauty products and healthy living. Her presence in the Denver fashion community is one of trendy streetwear perfectly complementing the busy urban woman.

We spoke with Lane about her personal style, what it’s like to be a co-owner of her own influencer community, being a mom and how to live a cleaner lifestyle.

303 Magazine: How would you describe your style?

Tabitha Lane: I feel like it’s different depending on the day. I like to think of my style as “casual street style.” I prefer to be comfortable but I love getting out of my box and incorporating cool and unexpected trends. 

303: What or who inspires your style? 

TL: Oh so many people and things! My sister is a huge inspiration for me. She’s always pushing me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. 

I also love to shop my own closet. I’m always looking for new ways to style pieces I already own. It keeps the creative juices flowing without costing me money for new clothes every week.  

303: You have an amazing Instagram. How do you keep the creativity and inspiration flowing?

TL: Honestly, social media can be so inspiring but I’ve also found it helpful when I’m in a rut to shut everything off and just think about what I love.

Do I actually like that trend or do I just like it because this person looked fly wearing it? 

Figuring out your own taste and style is super important in this business if you want to set yourself apart. 

303: In addition to your regular Instagram page, you also have one dedicated to clean beauty. What does clean beauty mean to you? 

TL: A lot of people are very conscious about what they put into their bodies but I feel like what goes on our bodies is just as important. Our skin is our largest organ and unfortunately, the products that we use every day are barely regulated. It’s so important to be our own advocates and to be aware of the ingredients that are unsafe because there isn’t anyone else that is doing that at the moment. 

303: How can people practice clean beauty on a budget?

TL: I think the best way to get started with clean beauty is to educate yourself. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) is a great resource to help you navigate potentially harmful ingredients and what they’re doing to your body. 

I like to tell people if they’re looking to take the first step, cut out products that contain “fragrance” (or parfum). That term is considered a trade secret and companies are not legally required to disclose what ingredients make it up. It could be any combination of thousands of potentially harmful chemicals that have never been tested for their effects on human health. 

303: What inspired you to create your lifestyle blog? 

TL: I remember scrolling through Instagram and seeing a lot of perfectly curated profiles and feeling totally alone in my hot mess state. I wanted to see more of the real life and behind the scenes that a lot of bloggers weren’t showing. 

I decided that if no one else was going to show it, then I would. 

Along with helping people find their own style and look great without spending an arm and a leg, I like to show people my real life, my real skin, my really bad hair days, all of it. It’s a mix of the beautiful and the mess. 

I’m so grateful that more bloggers are letting us peek behind the curated curtain to see that life isn’t always perfect but it can still be beautiful. 

303: Does being a mom to an adorable toddler provide inspiration for any of your work?

TL: All the time! I want my daughter to see her mom pursuing her passions. She has also provided me with plenty of funny captions and keeps me constantly on my toes. 

303: On top of all of that, you’re also a co-owner of a community called My Haute Society. What is this community all about and what inspired you to create it? Can people join?  

TL: My Haute Society is a community for bloggers and influencers. We have amazing resources to help you grow your blog and succeed as an influencer. Teaching you tips, tricks and industry best practices.

We also host events to help connect brands and influencers in meaningful ways that can lead to amazing collaborations.

My Haute Society was founded because while it seems like there is so much information on the internet, there is nothing quite like having a community of like-minded friends that you can swap stories with, get advice from and will always be willing to capture the perfect boomerang for you. We saw a growing need for a one-stop shop of blogging resources and decided to meet it. It’s grown into an incredible community that we are so proud to be a part of.

We would love to have you join. Find more info here at My Haute Society.  

303: Where can people find you online and connect with you?

TL: Blog: tabithalane.com 

IG / Facebook / Pinterest: @tabbilane

Clean Beauty IG / Facebook: @cleanlivingmessyhair

Blogger Community: myhautesociety.com 


All photography by Tabitha Lane