Located on South University Boulevard, Pinks Denver has been a favorite for the past 15 years. Pinks is a boutique for women of all ages. Current owner, Paula Rebhun, strives to make her boutique a place for the whole family. At Pinks, it is more than just shopping. Pinks provides a place for generations of women to bond and make memories while finding unique pieces to add to their wardrobes. Rebhun shared her insights about the boutique, its customers and her personal experience with owning the store.

Photo by Emma Walker.  

303 Magazine: Talk a little about yourself, where are you from, and what journey led to the opening of Pinks.

Paula Rebhun: I am originally from Rockford, Illinois but I went to college out in Colorado. My husband and I decided to return to Colorado in 1994 and raise our family out here. I had started in the modeling world when I was 17 and did that for many years so I have always been interested and involved in fashion. After moving out to Colorado, I spent time raising my children and then when they went off to college I started working with Pinks. I worked with Roberta Liputch, the original owner, and worked in the store and when she was ready to step away she asked me to buy the store and I did. It was perfect timing for me because my kids were out of the house and in college so I could dedicate significant time to the store.

303: How has Pinks evolved?

PR: Roberta started out with a wonderful concept and I wanted to broaden it. I have broadened the spectrum of the customers. When a high school or college girl comes in with their mom I want both of them to have a great shopping experience. I focus on a wide variety of age groups so not only the daughter is having a wonderful shopping experience but so is the mom.

303: What is the buying process like?

PR: I buy every day. I buy only a small amount of a piece and then I never bring it in again. Managers help me decide with the buying process so that I can cover a wide range of age groups. They love fashion as much as I do and being younger sometimes they know what pieces will appeal to the younger crowd more than I would. We frequently do a day of travel to California where we fly in and out in a single day to buy merchandise for Pinks. I love the buying process and so we are constantly bringing in new pieces for our customers.

Photo by Emma Walker.

303: Describe the style of the store.

PR: I like to say that the store is an intimate setting that provides a wonderful shopping experience for all that come in. I’m a little more bohemian but I focus on keeping the style really simple and bringing in special pieces that girls feel really beautiful in. A large chunk of my time is spent looking for that special piece girls feel beautiful in.

303: Is your personal style reflected in your store?

PR: It definitely is. I would describe my personal style as bohemian but Denver is not as bohemian as I am. I try to incorporate my own style as well as what my customers want. I try to keep it as light, airy, comfortable and casual as I can.

303: How do you connect with customers and provide them with the clothes they want?

PR: One of the things we do a lot of is questionnaires on Instagram where we directly ask customers what they want, what they are enjoying and what they would like to see in the store. We really listen to what our customers have to say.

303: Do you use more local brands or national brands?

PR: I use a lot of local brands as well as national brands. Unfortunately, there are not a whole lot of local clothing brands but many of our accessories are local. It is important for me to support local brands, and watch local designers grow with their brands. Some local brands we work with are Stacy’s Sterling, and Rose and Royce both of which we have had a wonderful relationship with.

Photo by Paula Rebhun.

303: Who is your average customer?

PR: It is so important for me to hit more than one age group when it comes to customers. I would say we have customers that range from middle schoolers to 70-year-old women. It is beautiful to see a daughter, a mother and a grandmother all come in together and each find something in my store. Watching girls try on pieces for their mothers or grandmothers and seeing young girls feel pretty in clothes and family happy to see their daughter’s happiness is so wonderful.

303: How do you differentiate Pinks from other stores in Denver?

PR: A lot of this has to do with our buying strategy. We try to stay as unique as we possibly can by buying very special pieces. When we see boutiques doing the same thing we veer off a little bit and try to find different pieces to standout.

303: What is your favorite part of owning Pinks?

PR: The buying and getting to know the customers. I love to hunt and gather for special pieces. Buying is a challenge but it is a fun challenge. The rewarding feeling I get when customers love a piece I found is incredible.

Photo by Emma Walker.