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Warmer days, afternoon showers and rooftop parties are finally here. April’s the ultimate tease for summer but still has its perks of its own. Local artists are gearing up for summer festivals and tours, making this the perfect time to discover new Colorado music. These five artists, songs and music videos are just what we need to brush off that seasonal depression and begin to bloom into the day drinking messes we are meant to be.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists

Lee Clark Allen

Listen if you like Aloe Blacc

Lee Clark Allen has the type of sound that immediately produces goosebumps. You can feel there’s something special in this man’s bones — he’s clearly meant to share his message. It’s a cardinal sin he’s not yet internationally recognized. We’ll chalk it up to his humble demeanor, though we know it’s only a matter of time before his talent takes him to the top.

Death By Dub

Listen if you like Pepper

Ease into warmer days and laidback afternoons with Death By Dub’s relaxing reggae vibes. A supergroup formed from the trombone player in Odesza and members of Thievery Corporation, The Motet, John Brown’s Body, Jyemo Club and more, Death By Dub is Colorado’s very own reggae band that’s sure to fill your poolside speakers this summer.


Listen if you like Amos Lee

Photo courtesy of Christomo

Chris Bosch, a guitar player and vocalist for The Moonlit Wild ventured on his own path under the name Christomo. His Americana roots bleed through his solo work to create songs that are heartwarmingly honest and bittersweet. Both his impressive lyricism and guitar skills shine through in his work without overshadowing one another. Throw on “Empty Pools and Neon Signs” for the perfect soundtrack to your next road trip.


Listen if you like STS9

Let Telemetry take you on a journey through space-inspired jams during your next party for an unforgettable night. Their latest EP Night Drive is the perfect pregame playlist for jamtronic shows at Red Rocks. Their sound has just the right mix of danceable beats and psychedelic explorations — a paradisiac cocktail of sound sure to send you to outer space.

Trash Cat

Listen if you like Flight of the Conchords

Photo courtesy of Trash Cat

Trash Cat is a playful group from Greeley, Colorado that’s on a mission to bring you one of the most unique listening experiences ever. Dubbed “cartoon rock,” Trash Cat’s focus is equal parts musical talent and pure fun. Trash Cat has a little something for everyone. From purely comical lyrics to honestly reflective and stripped-down selections, Trash Cat plays with all of your emotions — just like your favorite cartoon.

Five New Local Songs

parkbreezy – “Mouse Trap”

Listen if you like K.L.O.

Vibe along with parkbreezy’s latest selection “Mouse Trap” from his Mouse Trap EP. The glitchy beats catch your attention at just the right time without distracting you from the rest of the liquid electronic landscape. Move up and down through the bass waves and try not to get caught in his trap of addictive sound.

Adiel Mitchell – “Stuck On You” (Levi Double U Remix)

Listen if you like Anderson .Paak

Adiel Mitchell hits the nail right on the head in “Stuck On You” (Levi Double U Remix). With Instagram taking an increasingly alarming amount of our time, need for validation and happiness, Adiel Mitchell decides to address the situation in this party-worthy remix. Adiel Mitchell reminds us that we aren’t alone in our struggle, and what better way to bring attention to our habits than with a seriously danceable track made for sunny afternoons.

Flaural – “The Thinker”

Listen if you like Local Natives

Flaural’s “The Thinker” is a seemingly dreamy summer tune, but behind the catchy beach-inspired sound lies a deeper message. A homage to frontman Collin Johnson’s father who recently passed from complications of ALS, the song’s upbeat composition masks Johnson’s pain behind muffled lyrics such as “unanswered questions still haunt me” and “nobody likes when you’re not well, come up, come up, and feel better now.” “The Thinker” takes on a fuller meaning with the weight of Johnson’s honest emotions behind it.

Jr. Rabbit – “Rain to Wine”

Listen if you like Modest Mouse 

Jr. Rabbit touches on the struggle with addiction in the impressive new single “Rain to Wine.” The unique vocal style and catchy guitar riffs play off one another for a song that you have to play on repeat to catch all the well-placed nuances. The emotion seeps through the lyrics, increasing in intensity and ending with a hint of optimism with “well, tomorrow’s another day.”

Taylor Scott Band – “Salted Watermelon”

Listen if you like Gov’t Mule

It’s not summer just yet, but “Salted Watermelon” sure knows how to put us in the mood for long sunny days. This mouthwatering track puts you right in the middle of Taylor Scott’s easy living lifestyle and melts away your worries with his soothing country voice. Put on your sundress or jean shorts and get ready to dance barefoot to “Salted Watermelon” during these upcoming summer days.

Five New Local Music Videos

Dylan Montayne – “Pecos Purp”

Listen if you like Big K.R.I.T.

Dylan Montayne proves you really can’t trust these hoes in his new video for “Pecos Purp.” Doing what they can to “survive,” Montayne and his accomplice take a turn down a dark path to get what they want. What seems like a mutually beneficial partnership takes a surprising turn at the end. Montayne reminds us that if you play with fire, you’re going to get burned.

Bitter Suns – “Fuk’t”

Listen if you like Wavves

Let’s face it — life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Bitter Suns tell it like it is in the new music video for “Fuk’t.” There are no National Geographic-worthy mountain landscapes in this video — Bitter Suns trades the Instagram hotspots for a realistic backdrop of Colorado’s mundane neighborhoods. “Fuk’t” is a refreshing take on life for so many of us now and has earned its spot as an anthem for those days where you just want to say “fuk’it.”

El Cacho – “They Say”

Listen if you like Crooked Stilo

The El Cacho crew doesn’t just talk the talk — they walk the walk. El Cacho calls out the fakes in the new video for “They Say.” Beautiful women, decked out lowriders and endless drinks are a part of El Cacho’s lifestyle. While others claim they are living live like his crew — El Cacho proves that he’s doing it up right in this latest music video.

Mister Zach – “Dust”

Listen if you like Mt. Joy

Mister Zach travels across different worlds in the animated video for “Dust.” Visiting various post-apocalyptic locations and otherworldly creatures — Mister Zach returns to the theme of dust throughout the video. The idea that we will all eventually return to our most basic form — dust — is a humbling reminder that nothing really matters anyway.


Listen if you like Lil Pump

You may not understand his swag but ITSOKTOCRY doesn’t need your approval to know his fit is on point. The reaffirming “yes” throughout the video validates ITSOKTOCRY’s lifestyle choices. The trippy visuals throughout “LIL LOCK PICK” lets the viewer know that he’s living on a different planet — ITSOKTOCRY is in the future and you can get left behind or try to catch up.