False Ego Apparel with a Purpose Launches at Squadron in Stanley Marketplace

Activist and designer, Jevon Taylor, is stirring things up in Denver’s garment industry. He brings awareness to sustainable fashion through global partnerships and building a supportive community through his brand, False Ego. The apparel and accessory company recently launched at Squadron men’s boutique in the Stanley Marketplace. Media, supporters and customers left the launch event understanding the mission of False Ego — to change lives now and for years to come. The brand’s motto, “a part of everything,” reminded attendees to the event that we all have an impact on our surroundings. “‘A part of everything’ means connecting with ourselves, each other and the environment. It means that making the world a better and safer place to live starts with you,” Taylor explained.

False Ego CEO/Founder, Jevon Taylor

Each of False Ego’s t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies are 100% certified organic recycled cotton, bamboo cotton and Supima cotton from a farm in California. Taylor gives full transparency of False Ego’s product life-cycle on his site and shows how the garments are ethically made using quality textiles so that they will have a longer life-span and spend less time in a landfill. He also writes educational blogs about sustainability to teach consumers and companies how to shop and develop eco-friendly products. False Ego is produced in factories that supply ethical working conditions and are fair-trade certified.

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All False Ego t-shirts and sweatshirts have embroidered designs of a plus sign above tree roots, representing infinite possibilities and triangles that symbolize elements — protect, connect and create. For each False Ego product bought, a tree is planted to fight deforestation and climate change through a partnership with Tree-Nation. Taylor also partners with USAgain Textile Recycling for customers to properly dispose of their unwanted garments so that they are reused.

At the heart of what Taylor does with False Ego is a quote by author Terrell Washington Anansi that reads, “In these modern times, we have to be agents of resolution. Being connected to oneself allows you to know how to be connected to others. Being connected to others allows space and opportunities for resolutions to be birthed.”

Isaiah Selfe wearing a Supima cotton infinite possibilities t-shirt.

All photography by Karson Hallaway.