Local Listen – Sixty Minute Men Prove “What It’s Gonna Take”

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Denver’s Sixty Minute Men have released their newest LP, What It’s Gonna Take to their highly eager fanbase. With Andy Fox on bass, Nick Summers on drums, Sonny Cruz on vocals/percussion, Zach Robinson on guitar/vocals and Jonathan Frett Tenor on sax/keyboard/vocals, the eclectic sound of the new project is sure to make any local proud of this hometown musicians. Serving as their fourth recording to date, Sixty Minute Men’s What It’s Gonna Take takes the listener on a ride through the various trials and tribulations of life.

“This record is a great reflection of our diverse musical styles as individual musicians,” says Robinson. “We all hail from different parts of the country, bringing along our influences and musical educations. It allows us to blend rock, funk, soul and blues, while still adding our own flair to each tune.” The album kicks off with a full blown party track in “Get It,” in which the group rages like a fire suddenly taking to flame. “Five by Five” and “Hey Girl” keep the party going, but each slam a bassline that catch the listener at the knees, forcing them into a jive.

“Weight of the World” comes in in the middle of the tracklisting, with maximum strength due to the pleasurable horns, but it is the quick, funky lyrics and melodic chorus that brings the song to one of the standout positions of the whole release. Each portion offered by the group is heard, understood and appreciated in the song, and the words seal the package up into a contemplative concept that  Sixty Minute Men have now released on their listener.

The back half of the LP takes on a much more weighted approach, which alludes to the goal the band has for their music. “We try not to lean in one particular direction when creating original material,” explained Robinson. “If someone is working on a track and they bring it to the table, we usually let it run the course and see what we can come up with.” A track that clearly showcases the importance of their collective mentality is “Low” — it begins hearty and heavy but plows into a ballad with pep and energy, thanks mostly to the raging horns. “We try not to limit ourselves to what we can do creatively,” continued Robinson. “That’s what allows us to come up with our own style as a band.”

“Waiting for You” and “Serendipity” create a sensual, yearning vibe. These romantically laced songs bring an emotion that warms the record with vigorous vocals. Wrapping up the release is the titular track, “What’s It Gonna Take.” The song closes the record perfectly as it sums up the overall message of the mundane beauty of daily life from the project. “This song speaks to the everyday struggles that we all face in our daily lives,” expanded Robinson. “What is it going to take for me to be successful, to find happiness, to make it as a musician in an ever-changing landscape? We wrote this tune to reflect those emotions.”

The ten-track album proves as a reflection of the group’s evolution into its genuine spectrum of music. Catch What It’s Gonna Take live at one of the many upcoming performances by Sixty Minute Men in the Denver area by taking a look at their tour page here. Get caught up on the rest of their discography here.

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