Jayme Miner wants to rock your gypsy soul. Passionate about fashion, styling, music and people, her creative spirit led her to open Canary In a Clothesmine — a notable fashion boutique for women that originated in Breckenridge in 1998 and relocated to Denver in 2017. Its vibe — rock ‘n’ roll, bohemian, gypsy glam with a vintage twist — embodies Miner’s DNA. She grew up in Southern California outside of Malibu and spent her time at the beach, visiting renaissance fairs, dressing for music festivals, riding horses and listening to rock, country and indie folk music.

Styling is Miner’s forte. She has designed and developed her own private label brand, Eden’s 6th Day. It’s edgy, glamorous and exclusive apparel and accessories. The pieces are constructed with high-quality fabrics and the prices won’t break the bank. She is a creative woman who gets down to business. 303 Magazine presents fashion stylist, Jayme Miner and Canary In a Clothesmine.

303: Why did you re-locate Canary In a Clothesmine from Breckenridge to Denver?

Jayme Miner: I had the best place on Main Street in Breckenridge and sadly, my amazing landlord passed away. The estate decided to tear down the old building, rebuild and triple my rent. I have a great clientele in Denver and decided to move here.

303: Why is the boutique called Canary In a Clothesmine?

JM: My last name is Miner. My favorite band growing up was The Police and they had a song, “Canary in a Coalmine.” Breckenridge was also a mining town in the late 1800s. The miners would send canaries to go inside of the mines, and if the canary lived, it was safe for miners to work. I came up with the name combining these ideas.

303: What inspired you to open your boutique? Have you always dreamed of having this boutique?

JM: When I moved to Breckenridge, I couldn’t find my style at any boutiques. I wanted to bring my funky California vibe to the Rocky Mountains. I always dreamed of doing something in fashion and it wasn’t until I moved to Colorado in a resort town that I wanted to own a boutique.

303: What is Canary In a Clothesmine known for?

JM: We are known for our rock t-shirts, hand-made leather goods and our private label — Eden’s 6th Day — that my best friend and I design.

303: Tell us more about your private label, Eden’s 6th Day?

JM: My best friend, Vicki Holland, specializes in manufacturing and I am experienced in sourcing. Together, we developed Eden’s 6th Day. It’s our style inspired from the runway at the right price. We make small batches, therefore, it’s pretty exclusive and one-of-a-kind. Eden’s 6th Day is made from high-end remnants. For example, Dolce & Gabbana sold leftover yardage to us and we use their fabric in our designs. It’s exclusively sold at Canary In a Clothesmine and Vicki’s boutique in Newport Beach — V. Holland.

303: What inspires you in fashion?

JM: I still love to read magazines for trends. I go to music festivals and people watch. My best friend’s style inspires me because she is super edgy and talented.

303: Who makes the hand-made jewelry and clothing?

JM: Local designers and myself. They are one-of-a-kind. Some pieces are from designers around the country and once they become mainstream we no longer carry their pieces. I like having exclusive pieces for my customers.

303: What is your mission for Canary In a Clothesmine and your customers?

JM: Our mission is to bring well-made fashion that will not go out of style. I want my customers to express themselves with unique pieces, to dress different from everyone else and not to break the bank doing it. We want to make you feel fabulous in the clothes that you wear.

303: What designers and brands influence your style?

JM: I love edgy designers that are a little over the top and mix fabrics like silk, lace and leather. If Six was Nine and R13 from Japan, Madeworn, Spell and Gypsy, Unravel and Barneys in New York, Maxwells in Los Angeles inspire me. My favorite big-name brands are Chloë, Comme des Garçons, Rick Owens and Yves Saint Laurent.

303: What’s next for Canary In a Clothesmine?

JM: I love being on site, helping my customers one-on-one. I have plans on expanding with pop-up shops at music festivals and having in-store events. We are also growing our website and bringing brand awareness through Instagram.

All photography by Karson Hallaway