New Colorado Music You Should Know – February Edition

Mr. Atomic

Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to  for consideration.

Don’t have an S.O. this Valentine’s Day? Fall in love with these five new local artists, songs and music videos instead. Unlike that shitty gift your ex gave you last year, these new local selections won’t let you down this February.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists


Listen if you like The Smashing Pumpkins

Meliora plays with thoughtful lyrics and an alternative pop-punk style for a refreshing sound that lingers in your mind all day. This indie-rock group formed with the hopes of creating a new style that wasn’t quite there in their other projects and succeeded in creating a sound that’s catchy without being overly processed.

Vic N’ The Narwhals

Listen if you like The Doors

Photo from Vic N’ The Narwhals Facebook

This Latin-influenced psychedelic rock band just celebrated the released their first album Los Narwhals and it’s the perfect mix of garage and surf-influenced jams we didn’t know we needed. The vintage-laced sound of Vic N’ The Narwhals drops you right in the intro of a James Bond movie and takes you on a ride you won’t forget.

Jordan Polovina

Listen if you like Frank Ocean

Photo from Jordan Polovina’s Facebook

Jordan Polovina is creating a completely new genre of music by blending his cello, production and rapping skills on his new self-titled project. The result is a beautifully mastered first album Intro OutroPolovina created an entirely new experience for the listener that plays with sharp lyrics, concealed but distinguishable strings and glitchy electronic finishes for an entirely unique work of art.

Mr. Atomic

Listen if you like Pixies

Mr. Atomic
Photo courtesy of Mr. Atomic

Mr. Atomic is a raw yet refined indie grunge group making waves in Colorado with their debut release of Spectator SportVocalist Boneth Ahaneku uses her seductively brilliant lyrics and vocals to compliment the instantly memorable melodies that Mr. Atomic will soon be known for.   


Listen if you like Detox Unit 

Photo courtesy of Xenolinguist

Born from the spacey-swamps of Denver’s underground bass scene, Xenolinguist mixes tribal beats with alien-like edits for an out-of-this-world listening experience. Her first EP Slate (while short in tracks) leaves no bass sound unturned for this exploratory body of work.

Five New Local Songs

Jack Wavy – “Scooby Snacks”

Listen if you like D.R.A.M.

Jack Wavy is stepping on the Denver rap scene with the upbeat banger “Scooby Snacks.” The playful beat adds to his surprisingly sharp lyrics for a first release that is anything but freshman. He’s coming out strong with his first official mixtape Scooby Snack which is packed full with witty lyrics and impressive beats.

Corsicana – “Quandary”

Listen if you like Bon Iver

Corsicana elicits a nostalgic response in “Quandary” while managing to keep the emotion bright and uplifting — a difficult feat for an ambient-influenced sound and harrowingly beautiful lyrics. The dreamy indie rock group has an addicting quality about their music that leaves us itching for more.

Float Like a Buffalo – “The Day”

Listen if you like Lettuce

The Denver-based septet known collectively as Float Like a Buffalo released their new album Back From Nowhere in January which is jam-packed with soon-to-be favorites like “The Day.” This high-energy single starts the album off with a powerful punch of vocals, horns, drums and guitars for the perfect way to kick-ass and start the day.

Don Chicharrón – “Sábado Gigante”

Listen if you like Los Destellos

You don’t need to know the meaning of the lyrics to instantly fall in love with this danceable track. A reference to the Spanish-language television show Sábado Gigante, the song takes a uniquely international approach by blending salsa and reggaeton influences for a song that’s impossible to not shake your hips to.

Lost Aliens – “Eagle and Condor”

Listen if you like STS9

Take a ride through space on the back of Lost Aliens’ latest LP Carnival Forest. LP favorite “Eagle and Condor” mixes psychedelic rock with trance-like lyrics for a song that’s easy to mindlessly get lost in.

Five New Local Music Videos

DNA Picasso ft. TheyCallHimAP & Kayo Man – “New Drip”

Listen if you like Migos

This local talent-packed music video proves that Denver’s rap scene is doing big things. 303 powerhouses DNA Picasso and TheyCallHimAP team up with Kayo Man for this impressive single and music video that’s an instant new favorite addition to any playlist.

Slow Caves – “Out of State”

Listen if you like Tom Petty

Slow Caves proves that decades fashion never truly dies with this ’90s influenced music video for “Out of State.” While their outfits may be retro, their sound and style are uniquely their own. Danish-born brothers Jakob and Oliver Mueller are intoxicatingly captivating in their mannerisms and performance.

Wildermiss – “Pieces”

Listen if you like Young the Giant

Catch a glimpse into the raw emotion fueling Wildermiss in this chilling new music video for “Pieces.” Lead singer Emma Cole enchants viewers with her sultry vocals and comforting lyrics for a moving piece of work that’s both touching and painfully beautiful.

WhiteWater Ramble – “Drinking Song”

Listen to if you like Greensky Bluegrass

“Drinking Song” is exactly what the title states – an anthem for humanities longest-standing form of self-prescribed therapy — drinking. This rally-the-troops chat is a sure-fire way to get any party started. Even with no party planned, you can join in on the fun in WhiteWater Ramble’s new video where members of the band show off their musical talent and favorite forms of liquor.

Gasoline Lollipops – “Broken”

Listen if you like Wilco

Relive the magic of Gasoline Lollipop’s “Broken” time and time again in this intimate video that perfectly captures the talent and emotion of each member. This stripped-down, no-frills music video cuts right to what’s important — the music.

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