Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to [email protected]  for consideration.

‘Tis the season and we have lots to be jolly about with plenty of great new tunes that came out in the last month. These songs and artists appeal to most genres so whatever mood you’re feeling this December, there should be something out there for you.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists

Briana Straut

Listen if you like Lori McKenna

The simplicity of Brianna Straut’s sound is part of what makes her music so appealing. There is something about a girl and a guitar that can tug at those heartstrings. Straut pulls from her personal experiences to really give her songs a deep sense of emotion that listeners can empathize with regardless of their own personal experiences.


Listen if you like the Offspring

AOMM (Always On My Mind) is an alt-rock band who does not like to stick to their genre. They play with touches of pop and some influences from EDM giving them a sound that when focused on, has some very unique nuances. The group has been growing since the beginning as a duo in 2013 and now, has a full band and a thought out, energizing sound that is hard not to enjoy.

Extra Gold

Listen If You Like Willie Nelson

Photo Courtesy of Extra Gold’s Facebook Page.

Extra Gold will take you on a trip through time to when Denver was just a small mining town. The group’s old-timey sound just makes you want to get up and stomp your boots and spin your partner around and around on the dance floor. Hot off their debut EP, Extra Gold harkens back to Denver’s roots to give listeners a wild west experience no matter where they might be when they hear this magnificently fun band.

White Rose Motor Oil

Listen if you like Brandi Carlile

Photo courtesy of White Rose Motor Oil Facebook

White Rose Motor Oil is a two-piece alt-rock/ Americana band made up of members from other Denver bands who are working on this new project. The duo’s sound is one that if done properly, can get your knee bouncing and your mind wandering to that happy place where things are good. White Rose Motor Oil’s genre range gives them the ability to create songs for whatever mood you might be in.


Listen if you like Bass Physics

Photo courtesy of Spectacle Facebook

A major part of Denver’s music scene is the ability to try new things. Spectacle has stepped up and created a sound of their own. They combine Cuban-style drumming, numerous horns and electronics to make a sound uniquely funky and heavy. Their hooks and builds tend to be light and playful but the drops hit like a train.

Five New Local Songs

Sunsquabi – Nightmoth

Listen if you like The Floozies

Nightmoth comes as the third installment of a three-song series put out by Sunsquabi. “Caterpillar,” “Chrysalis” and “Nightmoth” show how the band has grown over time, ending with where they feel they are in the present. The series came in anticipation of an album set to release sometime in 2019. “Nightmoth” touches on everything we love about ‘Squabi, they play through multiple improvisational riffs all while keeping the funk and heavy electro vibes strong.

Nobide – “Wildin’ Out”

Listen if you like Lotus

Live-electronic group Nobide has brought us their new song “Wildin’ Out” which, as the name suggests, bounces between genres and is generally out there. The song flows in and out of itself, as they add and subtract layers throughout. This young group thrives on live performances and this song brings that some energy to their recorded presence.

Bison Bone – “Late December”

Listen if you like Creedence Clearwater Revival

The third single off their anticipated album, Late December shows us Bison Bone’s upbeat side. The song has a layer of rock in it that the group has hit before but this one drives a little harder than others have. As per usual, the band’s male/ female vocals layer over each other seamlessly and they mix with the instrumentation in a way that seems like the whole group was meant to play together.

Corsicana – “Quandary”

Listen if you like Wildermiss

Corsicana’s new single “Quandary” is the perfect song to bundle up and drink tea to. The instrumentation and vocals both exude coziness while building upon itself as the song changes tempo throughout. “Quandary” hits everything the young group is about and is a solid representation of what the band is capable of.

Chess at Breakfast – “Paper Cranes”

Listen if you like Soundgarden

Multi-genre rock band Chess at Breakfast’s second single off their upcoming EP is a sonic, emotional rollercoaster. They blend their genres throughout the song but there is one constant, the piece absolutely drips with emotion, even when there are no vocals. Chess At Breakfast does not sound like a band that is on the come up, but rather one that has had time to refine their incredibly deep sound which often takes years of work.

Five New Local Music Videos

OptycNerd – “Days Are Done”

Listen if you like Miike Snow

The colorful music video for OptycNerd’s “Days Are Done” allows viewers to focus on the musical talent presented in the video with some ambient distractions to let the mind wander. The video is playful as we watch the pop-duo play their song with big smiles and smooth dance moves. OptycNerd likes to keep things playful and fun and that is exactly what they gave us with this music video.

TYJA3 – “Recipe”

Listen if you like Roscoe Dash

The video starts with some dramatic story but quickly moves into a video running through the streets of Denver. It tells the tale of a man caught in an unfortunate situation all while displaying the immense talent of TYJA3. This up-and-comer has a style that is unique and distinctively his own and is one that is almost captivating to listen to.

Echoes in Reverie – “Now Cue The Hesitation”

Listen if you like Florence + The Machine

Echoes in Reverie’s lead singer, Rachel Irvin’s voice has been described as incendiary — and the video for “Now Cue The Hesitation” seems to have taken that adjective and created something beautiful with it. The video is a masterpiece of color and design as shapes shift and flow in perfect unison with the song. It begins as a simple performance piece, but as the song builds and grows, so too does the video as the visuals dive further and further from reality and closer to emotion.

Ella Green and Kah Lee – “My Boo”

Listen if you like Erykah Badu

The video for “My Boo” shows Ella Green and Kah Lee making their way around Denver displaying their talent and their city. The duo shares the spotlight blending their voices to create a hypnotic melody that pairs perfectly with the lights and scenes of Denver.

DNA Picasso feat. Jay Triiiple – “Gucci”

Listen if you like Juicy J

DNA Picasso and Jay Triiiple reside near the top of the list of Denver’s rappers. As such, they have a responsibility to put out solid content, they nailed it with this music video. Shot all around Denver, we watch DNA Picasso and Jay Triiiple as the tasteful visual edits are overlaid for just the right effect.