In a city with over 700,000 residents like Denver, forming social connections can be both exhilarating and daunting all in the same breath. Jared Marquette, co-founder of Archipelago, encourages the community to find their best selves and form these connections at the edge of their comfort zones within Archipelago’s unique clubhouses.

Archipelago currently has two beautiful spaces —The Attic and The Maker’s Garage. The Attic, located off 7th and 23rd near the Denver Aquarium, is a treehouse space inspired by Tahitian decor where visitors can tap into their spirituality and ground themselves with talks, meditations and sound ceremonies. The second space, The Maker’s Garage, located off 38th and Tennyson,  is centered more on hands-on activities where visitors can connect with each other and themselves while using their hands to paint, woodwork, and craft. In this space, visitors will also have access to a full woodshop, sewing equipment, craft supplies and even a 3D printer. 

They also plan to launch an Underground Speakeasy in March of 2019, which will “blend the feel of a glamorous 1920s lounge with an underground Berlin club.” Community members can look forward to “dance performances, art exhibitions, dinners, and musical experiences.” The Underground Speakeasy will blend the nostalgia of the past with the modern cityscape of Denver, creating a space that defies both time and place.

Marquette and his co-founders were inspired to create Archipelago and its unique spaces after attending conferences, workshops, and retreats that would inspire them to create changes but felt themselves slipping “back into the daily grind.” They considered that the challenge could be alleviated and transformative if they had the support of a community that could integrate experiences. 

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“[My friend and business partner Jason Shepherd] was further upstream on the personal development journey, and offered suggestions on experiences I could try like breathwork, to assist me in discovering a little more of my purpose and passion. Once I opened up to how much these “alternative” but dynamic wellness practices really could help, and as I was able to learn from Jason’s growth, it became obvious we needed to provide a container for others to experience and discuss these ideas and practices.”

David Champion, the co-founder and CPO of Baker Technologies, a leading customer relationship management business for the cannabis industry, shared his own positive experience with the Archipelago community.

“Every time I leave Archipelago I feel more nourished, supported, and knowledgeable than I did when I entered. This is such a rich community of people who truly care about improving themselves and helping each other. I’ve been an Archipelago member since the beginning and am continuously drawn to the clubhouses for music events, sound healing, breath work sessions, cooking classes, mastermind discussions, and to be a part of one of the most energetically charged frontiers of the Denver society. Huge gratitude to the Archipelago team for bringing this collective into my life!”

Marquette encourages everyone to try new things, especially if they seem uncomfortable. Archipelago’s spaces hope to provide something valuable for everyone whether that is finding  “one meaningful practice, inspiring moment or lifelong relationship that makes them a better version of themselves.”

Check out Archipelago’s website to learn more about how to get involved.  Maker’s Garage is located at 3832 Tennyson, Street Denver, and Archipelago Attic, 2345 7th Street, Denver.