Review – The UK Isn’t Ready for The Velveteers’ Return

Rock duo The Velveteers have risen to the top of the local music scene — and we’ve often praised them as a must-see band, for good reason. Since the release of their EP earlier this year the duo has wowed audiences in Denver and across the midwest, and their show this weekend was no different. The Velveteers took to the stage at Larimer Lounge this weekend alongside two local openers to kick off their UK Tour and — despite a brief technological issue — their performance was one for the books.

Denver band Colfax Speed Queen opened the show with upbeat tunes that electrified the audience. It was clear that they could not have had more fun anywhere else but on stage. Dancing and grooving to their music Colfax Speed Queen was clearly out to have a good time — and the audience was more than happy to join in. Their set came to an end all too soon and left audience members calling for “one more set!” Fortunately for all in attendance, the good times weren’t over. Bad Licks took the stage next, encouraging the audience to “shake a tail feather” and “forget the madness.”

303 Magazine, The Velveteers, Mariah Hansen, Meg O'Neill Photo from The Velveteers’ EP release show. By Meg O’Neill

At the start of the evening, there were still a few tickets available at the door. However, by the time The Velveteers took their place on stage at 11:15 p.m. the show was sold out. The stage was adorned with mannequin heads and the band stood out against a red backdrop. The whole set was reminiscent of the eerie imagery seen in the video for their song “Anastasia Sings,” which was released early last week. The air was electric as The Velveteers walked out. Vocalist Demi Demitro found her place center stage with members of the vivacious audience cheering, “We love you, Demi!”

The duo and their live drummer were dressed to impress. Demi Demitro wore a simple black dress adorned with sparkling black fringe. John Demitro and their drummer both wore jackets with intricate gold patterning. The duo was eye-catching and cool, sporting a style that was timeless and all their own.

303 Magazine, The Velveteers, Mariah Hansen, Meg O'Neill Photo from The Velveteers’ EP release show. By Meg O’Neill

The excitement of the crowd was unmatched. However, the beginning of The Velveteers’ set was marked by technical difficulties. Halfway through their first song, there were apparent issues with the cable connecting Demitro’s guitar to the amp. Unfazed, she quickly troubles shot the issue while her brother played on. After a few moments of unplugging and plugging the cord back in the issue seemed to be resolved.

Unfortunately, a few moments later the issue returned this time prompting Demitro to swap guitars. The crowd remained casual with the issue and sang for Demitro while she worked to fix the cable. Her brother and their live drummer played on and even began tossing the mannequin heads into the crowd. The cable continued to present problems for Demitro and as a result, she was quickly joined by a stage technician who helped to resolve the issue. The entire incident lasted merely a few minutes and the rest of the show continued on without a hitch.

303 Magazine, The Velveteers, Mariah Hansen, Meg O'Neill Photo from The Velveteers’ EP release show. By Meg O’Neill

The Velveteers’ performance — to put it simply — rocked. The band again showed themselves to be true rock stars throughout the duration of their set and impressively kept their cool when technology failed them. Demitro danced along with the crowd all night long. Throughout the evening, the audience moved nonstop. A mosh pit formed at the front of the stage at the beginning of the set and continued on throughout the rest of the evening.

The most noteworthy part of the evening came at the end. Demi closed out the show by joining the audience, crowd surfing while she played the last song of the encore. The Velveteers arrived ready to deliver an incredible set — and that they did. The energy the duo brought to the stage was only matched by the crowd. With the band preparing to leave for their UK tour — which begins next week — Denver couldn’t have given them a better send off.

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