The Denver Museum of Nature and Science (DMNS) is constantly bringing in new and exciting things to our city. And now, it’s welcoming in a new exhibit that’s set to take guests on a journey to one of the world’s largest island nations — Cuba. Opening this October 26, the exhibit will display some of the many facets of Cuba and give the Denver community a better taste of the iconic island.

Home to 11 million people, Cuba has a diverse ecosystem of caves, coral reefs, wetlands and an even more diverse culinary scene. In addition, the main feature of the exhibition is a “plaza,” which evokes Cuban city life. From tabletops along the streetscape encouraging guests to try authentic activities related to Cuban foods and coffee, music and even a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air on display  — the exhibit reveals the story of Cuba from all angles.

Exhibit Highlights

  • An exhibit about tobacco, telling the story of the legendary Cuban cigar, one of the country’s leading exports, with around 100 million handcrafted and shipped around the world each year.
  • Altars or “thrones” created especially for the exhibition, exploring an Afro-Cuban spiritual practice called “orisha,” or Santeria.
  • A stunning carnival costume on stilts from one of the country’s most elaborate festivals, the Carnival of Santiago de Cuba, which occurs every summer.
  • A bicitaxi, part bicycle, part taxi, which has become an entrepreneurial enterprise in Cuba, providing a primary form of transportation for locals and tourists.
  • An interactive art “gallery,” where guests can project on the walls paintings, sculptures or performance art created by Cuban artists.
  • An exploration station with artifacts exploring a day in the life of some of Cuba’s indigenous people.

In addition to these features, guests will have the opportunity to experience live performances from the Cuban community in Denver (to be announced) along with an IMAX film Cuba in 2D. The film will be played in the Phipps IMAX theatre on October 26. You can buy tickets and view the IMAX schedule here.

For more information regarding the ¡CUBA! exhibit visit the website here. The exhibit runs from October 26 and ends January 20