Broadway Market Just Announced Its First Food Vendor


Broadway Market, Denver’s newest marketplace in the Golden Triangle, is coming to 950 North Broadway. Led by some of the masterminds behind the city’s top food halls, this 15,000 square-foot collaboration project will open with eight spaces for food and drink vendors including a small retail component. And now, one of those eight spaces is being taken over by the team behind beast + bottle and CopertaPizzeria Coperta will open with two styles of Roman pizza plus Roman street food like suppli al telefono, a rice croquette filled with mozzarella and fried vegetables. The pizzeria, along with the other food vendors inside the market, will have interior counters, communal seating and a central bar in the main space. In addition, Pizzeria Coperta will have a walk-up window so people can buy pizza by the slice off Broadway.

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Chef Paul C. Reilly (left) and Bob Blair at beast + bottle’s new sister restaurant Coperta. All photos by Brittany Werges.

“I love pizza,” said chef Paul Reilly. “It’s basically my favorite food, and I’ve always had a passion for making it at home. We don’t serve pizza at Coperta, so to really capture the spirit of Roman cuisine, we needed a pizza outlet. This just adds another element to our vision.”

Pizzeria Coperta will be lead by Rielly and partners Aileen Reilly and JP Taylor Jr. And coupled with the Eclectic Collective, which includes team members behind the Stanley Marketplace, The Source, Zeppelin Station and Avanti Food & Beverage, Broadway Market is slated to be one of Denver’s hottest spots.

“Food halls are perfect places for celebrated chefs to launch new concepts,” said Stanley Marketplace developer Mark Shaker. “We’re thrilled to be working with Paul Reilly and his entire team, and we’re excited about creating a place that celebrates food in an approachable way.”

In addition to the Pizzeria Coperta announcement, the Broadway Market team is planning a series of small happy hours for residents that live nearby to take tours of the space before it officially opens. And while an official opening date has yet to be announced, it is projected to open before the end of 2018.  Stay tuned with us here for updates and details.

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