If you have ever willed something to happen so strongly that it actually happened, you are not alone and it is not as random as it seems. FIG+YARROW owner, Brandy Monique, attributes meditation and the Law of Attraction to her brand coming to life. The Law of Attraction is the idea that the thoughts you put out into the universe will eventually become truth. Monique walked the streets, dedicated herself to daily meditation, envisioned what her retail space would look like and eventually found a home for FIG+YARROW in LoHi.

FIG+YARROW is a line of local, handmade, small-batch skincare products made from natural ingredients using recipes Monique developed herself. Bath salts, body butters, face creams and mists are part of a dreamy, lush environment that makes guests to FIG+YARROW apothecary feel the connection between natural living, beauty and health. “I’ve always been interested in beauty from within and have been concerned with bringing more beauty into the world. I really believe that beauty is healing. It is our duty to express the beauty of creation in everything that we do,” said Monique.

Monique’s laser focus didn’t stop at getting her own retail space. Her drive, vision and belief in the power of attraction brought her to Anthropologie and Target, both of which carried her products. In fact, Target now carries an exclusive, affordable line of FIG+YARROW products which can be found at 1,322 stores across the country.

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303 Magazine: How did FIG+YARROW come to life?

Brandy Monique: After I graduated, I did a bunch of odd jobs. I used that money to invest in my shelving [and ingredients]. I started having recipes come into my mind and they would come out great. You should never hesitate if something calls to you. Don’t even argue it. I made very few modifications, and eight years later we’re still selling those original recipes. When I had enough products that were ready to go, I got a website and Etsy shopfront. Within two weeks, I was a featured maker on Etsy. It just got around really fast and that was my launch pad. Anthropologie contacted me and placed a ton of huge orders. I was already shipping to Los Angeles and a big beauty website in London and a flood of orders came in. That was the start of FIG+YARROW.

303: How did you end up opening your storefront in LoHi?

BM: After two years of running it from my apartment filled with boxes all around me and shelves with products, I opened the Fig Factory with two partners. It gave me a leg up, but after two years I just realized that we weren’t aligned with our ideas of what was possible. When you’re an entrepreneur you really have to have the spirit, because what you lack in resources, staff, knowledge and experience you have to make up for in willingness to do whatever it takes. I thought FIG+YARROW needed to live somewhere in LoHi, so I started walking up and down the streets. I actually put all of my energy in years prior into looking for this space and years later I ended up here.

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303: How are you incorporating sustainable, natural and food-grade ingredients to create your products? 

BM: For sourcing, we found suppliers that are upholding our values and standards. We really pry to see the documentation. The honey comes from Colorado, the lavender comes from Oregon, and our essential oil supplier is in Castle Rock. We have massed a lot of different ingredients with impeccable standards and they are all food-grade. We care about the land and the people that work on it. Not only are you getting a better product that has more nutrients in it, you also know there’s not going to be run-off into the water source with pesticides floating downstream. I’ve been dedicated to making sure the supply chain doesn’t come at the cost of someone else, whether it’s a human, the environment or the animals.

303: How did your collaboration with Target start? How do you relate the Law of Attraction to this opportunity?

BM: When I was done with the Fig Factory, I sold to another skincare brand, SW Basics. When they moved in, we were talking about Target. I thought that it was just a matter of time before Target picks up FIG+YARROW because they are really aware of branding. One week later, I got emails from two of their buyers that didn’t even know the other one was reaching out. When you start the momentum in one direction you can almost anticipate the next thing even though there’s a billion different possibilities. It’s not as random as it seems.

I proposed a brand that was a more affordable version of FIG+YARROW because I didn’t want being in Target to affect our brand perception. I’ve been really cautious, eyes wide open the entire time. They’re the highest integrity, the best formulations, the best ingredients and they’re accessible.

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303: How has the collaboration with Target changed your business? How does the line compare to your small-batch products?

BM: It’s gotten a great response, so I’m very happy that we did it. I love how it helps us to cast our awareness a little wider for people who wouldn’t necessarily have time to find FIG+YARROW. There really is something for everyone, so we serve a lot of people. Our handcrafted products cost a lot of money because it’s almost like running a restaurant — you’re plating fresh food every day. You have to do it for the passion and that’s what we do here. We’re always hustling to make more, so Target allows us to make a lot more and make it more widely available so I feel really good about that partnership even if it took a little convincing for me.

303: Do you have any new products coming out?

BM: We have a full brand refresh which I’ll introduce in phases. We’re working on new packaging and a new logo. We will have a lot of new formulations that we haven’t done before. We have amenities going into hotels. They should be released first in two properties of Mandarin Oriental in about two months. I like to keep it new for myself. I want to be challenged and interested in what I’m doing.

FIG+YARROW Apothecary is located at 3600 Tejon St. Ste. 101b, Denver.

All photography by Meg O’Neill.

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