Littleton’s Spur Coffee just opened a second Colorado location on 1st and Lincoln. With the same craft-beverages and home-made pastries as their original spot, this family-owned cafe is bringing everything that we loved about the first location to Denver.

Spur Coffee is the creation of Tandi, Marcel and Tyler Venter. The family came to Denver from Johannesburg, South Africa, and opened Spur, a branding and design business — and shortly after, opened a cafe by the same name. That was in 2012. Now, they’ve expanded Spur to a second location, a space that Tandi says has always been her goal.

“This was our dream all along,” explained Tandi. “To have a properly designed space. So when our business started growing we really wanted to look at other locations. Our son lives in Baker and was walking past and saw that this space was closing. So he got on the phone and we managed to find the owner and managed to secure a lease within a few weeks. Six months later here we are.”

The Space

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Spur’s second location is bright, with high ceilings that flood in natural light and plenty of vegetation. Tandi and her husband wanted to create a space that they felt reflected their design style. Because of this they had a hand in creating everything from the bar to the chairs and wall decor. And while this second spot is a dream come true for the three-some, they’re not planning on stopping here. And now that they roast their own coffee, they plan to, according to Tandi, continue expanding in the Denver area.

“We’ve always wanted to be our own customer, you know? Designing the brand from roasting the beans to designing the interior so we’re really living the dream in that sense,” said Tandi with a smile. “Roasting coffee is all very new for us. And now that we’re our own roaster, we’re in the process of working with farmers and figuring out what it means to do direct sourcing and versus going through a distributor. That’s very new to us and we’re still learning.”

The Fare

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“We have added more food here because we don’t have a full kitchen in Littleton — it’s more grab and go,” explained Tandi. “We now can offer things like sous vide softboiled eggs and try to keep things seasonal as we do that. It’s a very simple menu, changing as we need to. And I have amazing chefs coming on board here who are passionate about local, fresh products.”

Spur’s second location is offering the same beloved beverages and bites as the first location with the addition of a few new items to come— like egg toast, sandwiches, salads and potentially, liquor. You can grab a golden milk latte or slice of avocado toast at this cool new cafe daily, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m, at 95 Lincoln Street. For more information on their menu check them out here.

All photography by Brittni Bell Photo