It’s the last month of summer, but that doesn’t mean that Denver musicians have stopped churning out hot new music. We have a list of talented up-and-coming locals you’ll need to checkout like Alyssa Dané, catchy new songs you won’t want to miss like Kayla Rae’s “Practice” and new visuals from Swank Sinatra, DJ Zenas and more.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists

Alyssa Dané

Listen if you like H.E.R.

Alyssa Dané is a singer, songwriter and poet from Colorado. She recently released a song titled “I See You” which details the feelings that come with finding out the true colors of your loved ones. Her voice is strong and melodic and mixes perfectly with the slow and electronic production of the song. Find her music here.

Thousand Frames

Listen if you like Disturbed

Thousand Frames is a hard-rock band based out of Denver. Their sound combines heavy drums and guitars with guttural screams as well as melodic harmonies, which creates a hard-rock sound with softer undertones. They are gearing up to release their second EP New Horizons at the Marquis on August 17, so head over and check out their new music and other local music.  Find their new music here.


Listen if you like 6LACK

Jaedawn is a rapper based in southern Colorado. He has a quick, catchy flow paired with unconventional and more pop-influenced production. If you’re looking for a song to get lit to before the club then bump his song “Dutch,” and you’ll be ready to dance, smoke a couple and hype up your friends. Keep an eye out for his debut EP dropping in September, and in the meantime find his music here.

Lost Aliens

Listen if you like Infected Mushroom

Photo courtesy of Lost Aliens on Facebook.

Lost Aliens is a psychedelic, spacey, trance duo based in Denver. If you want music that makes you feel like you’re on drugs without having to do them then this is the group for you. They fuse storytelling about ancient and astrological beings with a mix of different EDM elements including synths, distortions, beat building and different genre styles. Find their song their latest EP here.

Neon Cities

Listen if you like Disclosure

Photo courtesy of Neon Cities on Facebook.

Neon Cities is an electronic duo from Denver. They released their debut EP In Waves last month and it has gone on to be streamed more than 35,000 times since then. If you like heavy synths, ’80s elements and dancey EDM then you’ll definitely vibe to this group. Find their music here.

Five New Local Songs

Kayla Rae–”Practice”

Listen if you like Jhené Aiko 

Photo courtesy of Kayla Rae on Facebook.

If you’ve ever been dating someone who has played with your heart or love then this is the song for you. Kayla Rae’s song “Practice” capitalizes on the singer’s soulful and R&B voice complemented by smooth and poignant production. In this song we really get a sense of the singer’s versatile voice from her high runs, her elegant sound and deep and quick lyricism. Find the song here.

Lady Gang–”Simple Truths”

Listen if you The Alabama Shakes

“Simple Truths” is the first single off of Lady Gang’s debut EP Simple Truths. Lady Gang is Denver singer, Jen Korte’s alter ego and this single debuts not only Lady Gang as a solo artist but also her as a producer. The song shows-off Korte’s Americana style combined with a newer sound influenced by her producing skills. Find the song here.

Ragwater–”Out Of My Hands”

Listen if you The White Stripes

Photo courtesy of Ragwater on Facebook.

Ragwater is a rock band from southern Colorado with new music. Their song “Out Of My Hands” blends rock, soul and blues to create a song you can rock out to with fun guitar riffs and vibey rhythms. If you like headbanging and air-guitaring then you’ll definitely enjoy this song. Find the song here. 

Jeremy Mohney–”Fast Jam”

Listen if you Charlie Parker

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Mohney on Facebook.

Jeremy Mohney is a musician and artist based in Boulder. “Fast Jam” is an example of all the great sounds of jazz and swing. There are quick horns and sax in the forefront and a busy bass to keep everything flowing smoothly. If you need something to get you upbeat in the morning this is the song for you. Find the song here.

Instant Empire–”Randy the Hammer”

Listen if you like Modest Mouse

Instant Empire. Photos by Evan Semón Photography.

“Randy The Hammer” is a fun upbeat and wild song that delves into different genres. We get ’80s synths, pieces of saxophone and all-over-the-place rhythms. The ’80s vibes will keep you holding on to the little bit of summer we have left. Find the song here.

Five New Local Music Videos


Listen if you Kehlani

Zanib’s video for “Shine” is a vibrant, uplifting and colorful and sure to put a smile on your face. The video showcases beautiful Denver scenery from stunning artwork, the shining sunlight and the fun Articulated Wall, all while the singer is dancing, smiling and bonding with friends. The song is full of women empowerment, bonding, creating community and uplifting those around you. Find here music here.

Swank Sinatra– “Boblo Boat Remix”

Listen if you PNB Rock

This is another video that will keep you in the summertime mindset with bright colors, outdoorsy scenery and summertime fashion. If you’re a stoner that likes to start the day off with a blunt or joint, you’ll relate and want to roll one up to this song. The song’s production, the frequently contrasting colors throughout the video, and lyrics of reminiscing will awaken your mind and energize you for the day. Find the song here.

m i n o r –”Fall Again”

Listen if you Ellie Goulding

The group m i n o r is an indie duo based in Denver. The video for “Fall Again” focuses on the intimacy of performing a song with deep and emotional content. We see the juxtaposition of light and dark as the video switches between day and night and the lyrics shift from being resilient to being afraid to fall into an old trap. Find their music here.

DJ Zenas – “Real One”

Listen if you Schoolboy Q

If the videos for “Baby Got Back” and “Anaconda” had a baby then DJ Zenas’s “Real One” would be the outcome. This video combines what’s popular in commercial rap like popping bottles, beautiful women shaking their asses, fat stacks of money, fast cars and a good time. Make sure to watch until the end for some laughs mixed with realness.  Find the song here.

Move Shake Pause Repeat – “His Fault, Her Fault, No Fault of My Fault”

Listen if you Cage the Elephant

Don’t let the smooth and sweet sounding music from this song breeze right past you, this song from Move Shake Pause Repeat has a very direct message for the audience. As the video begins we see a myriad of images, flashing past us in a kaleidoscopic fashion. At first, the images seem random and playful but as the song and music progress, we see the images are much like the content we notice as we sift through television channels. The video is a statement that shows us that if we let media and advertisement sneak under our noses, then we will allow them to obliviously influence us with our blissful ignorance. Find their music here.