Hayden James is no stranger to Denver. The downtempo, house-influenced electronic producer has toured through the Mile High City at least three times in the last year — he opened for Chromeo at Funk on the Rocks, headlined the Bluebird and now he’s back for a DJ set. Denver actually is listed as one of only seven cities on James’ summer tour. The Australian-native is coming through Colorado as a part of STEAM Wednesdays – a weekly event at Bar Standard by TheHundred Presents and Ian’s Pizza for a pizza dance party unlike any other. And leave it up to Hayden James to sell out a Wednesday night DJ set.

James is coming through Denver shortly after the release of his new single, “Just a Friend” featuring Boy Matthews. Singles are what James is accustomed to, in addition to some popular remixes — the musician has yet to release a full-length album. He may be new, having released his first single only five years ago, but James has officially released one EP and a handful of singles. Though the producer doesn’t have a full-length album out, fans can at least revel in the fact that everything James has released is golden.

If one thing is certain, James is in his sweet spot. The musician has a loyal following not only in his home continent of Austrailia but also in the United States, he’s racking up a roster of impressive hits and he even worked with Katy Perry on a song for her most recent album Witness. He may not have a full album out, but he’s positioned himself right where he needs to be in order to propel into mainstream stardom when that album (hopefully) drops. In the meantime, you can check out the musician’s mixes on SoundCloud for more on what to expect this Wednesday.

The show is currently sold out, but we recommend showing up early at the door just in case.