Sometimes Sunday brunch is a must, so if you want to save some money and enjoy some of the beautiful works that Denver’s art scene has to offer, make sure you check out Art of Brunch, an art walk event that includes gallery hopping and complimentary brunch bites.

This Sunday, May 27, 2018, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., hungry art-lovers can snack on everything from cinnamon rolls and coffee to bagels and lox courtesy of the galleries hosting the event in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe.

The event, which happens on the last Sunday of the month in the spring (March, April and May) and in the fall (September, October and November), was the brainchild of Mai Wyn Schantz of Mai Wyn Fine Art. Schantz explained the event aims to inspire more people to attend art galleries when they’re typically closed as opposed to the First Friday Art Walk that the Art District hosts monthly.

“Not everyone is interested in gallery hopping during a bustling first Friday when parking and crowds can be a little overwhelming. In addition, art galleries are not often open on Sundays, which doesn’t leave a lot of opportunity for working families to visit the Art District,” Schantz said.

Art of Brunch via Facebook

“We decided an occasional Sunday brunch event was a good way to invite people down to the Art District for a different kind of experience. Sunday brunches keep things casual and more family friendly.”

According to Schantz, the event began two years ago when she and Macy Dorf, the owner of Artists on Santa Fe, decided to open every Sunday in December to cater to holiday shoppers.

“We figured the more, the merrier and asked all the galleries on Santa Fe to participate. We simply placed poinsettias outside our doors to mark participating locations, with each offering a small breakfast treat to visiting shoppers, and — boom, Art of Brunch was born! We continue to use flowers to mark participating locations along the street,” Schantz said.

The Art of Brunch will feature numerous galleries including the Spark Gallery, Grace Gallery Fine Art and SYNC Gallery among others. Many of the exhibits will feature the latest installations and offer special sales on smaller artworks.

Pam Fortner, the manager of SYNC Gallery, said that she also lets the exhibiting artists have the liberty to create personalized brunch bites.

“At SYNC, the artists have the freedom to put their personal stamp on the complimentary bites served during the event,” she said.

She won’t say what kind of brunch bites SYNC Gallery will serve this Sunday, but last year she said she served French toast made with eggs laid from her chickens at home.

According to Fortner, the Art of Brunch event is always a good way to start your Sunday, and she encourages fellow artists and art fans to come out and enjoy the free food and see some amazing installations.

“It’s an opportunity to speak with art lovers in a relaxed setting during a lovely time of day,” she said.

Start the Art of Brunch walk at the SYNC Gallery, located at 931 Santa Fe Dr., Suite 100, Denver.