Lana Del Rey performed at the Pepsi Center this last Sunday, and her fans came ready to slay. While most kept their fashion simple and casual, some were inspired by Rey herself and felt that they had to honor her with their jean jackets, floral headbands, and dramatic sleeves. The singer is known for her classic style–typically black and white with a bold red lip. Rey’s fans definitely did not disappoint. Though they were all different styles, each one had a little bit of Lana flavor added into the mix. We bet looking out into the crowd, she was lusting for these outfits.

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Sophia Stimpfl’s favorite part about her outfit was the tie-knot crop top she got from an online thrift store, Poshmark. “I would describe my look as boho bourgeoisie.”

Analicia Trevino was excited to break out her brand new red flared pants that she’d been saving specifically for the concert. “They’re just cute and they are my favorite.”

Joey Rodriguez and Caitlin Hein rocked head to toe thrift store looks that they had seen Lana Del Rey wear similarly. Rodriguez felt that his fringe jacket was a statement piece and Hein thought her sparkly pair of boots made her stand out.

Hein’s sparkly thrift store boots.

“I wasn’t really sure what to wear so I kind of just threw something on,” said Chase Miller. He felt that his jean jacket from Macy’s gave off a 50s vibe just like Lana Del Rey.

Brooke Hanes expressed her love for Lana Del Rey by wearing a dress, from Q, in the cold. “She would want me to look like this right now.”

Ryleigh Gale wanted to go for something “fun and different”. Gale got her pieces from Buffalo Exchange, which she felt gave her a wild and edgy look.


Kira Braun’s headband stood out in the crowd. “I got this from the spirit store and I always see Lana wearing flower headbands so I thought it would be perfect.”

All photography by Meg O’Neill