As we wrap up the year, we want to look back on all the moments we captured in 2017. From incredible Red Rocks shows to the Women’s March and tons of awesome shows, restaurant openings and art events in between — here are our favorite photos of the year.


Many photographers will agree that people are the most interesting subject. The citizens of Denver are no exception. This year we got to know everyone from protestors to zoologists, poets and players. Below you’ll see our top snapshots of some of the fascinating faces we came across in 2017.

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Beyond photographing people, our 303 staff enjoys finding hidden places (like the one in our first photo). But we also love discovering new perspectives of places you’re famillar with. Red Rocks is on the top of that list with several thousands of images of the iconic amphitheater in our archive. We restrained ourselves and only included our favorite from that venue so you can also get to know all of the other beautiful spots we photographed in 2017.

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Our music gallery was maybe the easiest one to put together. That’s because these concert images stick out in our collective consciousness all year long. It was not hard to remember the time Hoodie Allen crowd surfed on an inflatable boat or when local musician Esmé Patterson donned a candy-colored wig. Continue on to see some of our other unforgettable music moments.

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There are few things more fun than a food photo shoot. Beyond the fact that the subject doesn’t move and you get to eat it after, food photography has its own rewards. From rich colors to a vast array of textures, each dish can be an optical treat. Here are some of our most delectable photos from the year.

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Our fashion gallery is similar to our people gallery but much more fabulous. We’re lucky to have found some of the most stylish people in the city to feature in our style profiles. We had the joy of photographing everyone from a 16-year-old style icon to burlesques dancers and many models and muses in between. On top of that, we also host Denver Fashion Week, the city’s largest fashion show — which always proves to be a wellspring of inspiration.

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