With autumn in full swing, winter just around the corner, and the summer dresses, swimsuits, and shorts placed in the back of the closet, it’s tempting to think you don’t have to wax as frequently.

If you, like many women, press the pause button on your waxing schedule during the cooler months, you may be surprised to find there are numerous benefits to staying on a consistent routine throughout the year versus a summer-only approach.

The effects of waxing gradually build up. Meaning, the more you do it, the easier it gets with the results lasting longer. So, if you stop waxing during the winter, you basically have to start over again when you resume waxing in the warmer months.

Maintaining a year-round waxing schedule promotes consistent hair growth and weakens roots resulting in finer, thinner hair regrowth and smoother skin that, again, lasts longer.

“You will get the bests results if you stay on a consistent schedule and use the products recommended by your wax specialist,” said Melanie Coba, European Wax Center Brand Ambassador.

“When you follow this regimen, your skin will be smoother and more beautiful than ever before, and your wax reservation will be a relaxing me-time experience you can look forward to every couple of weeks.”

The EWC proprietary wax experience features their exclusive COMFORT WAX™, a proprietary blend of beeswax and other ingredients sourced from Europe, and their 4 Steps to Gorgeous® process. In addition, their proprietary portfolio of performance, body, and brow products—Strut 365™—helps to reveal and maintain beautiful skin between waxing visits.

Besides helping to reveal your beautiful skin year-round, the cooler months are also the perfect time to start waxing if you’ve never experienced it or want to try a new area for the first time. This way, by the time the warmer months come around (or you sneak away to your favorite warm-weather destination), your skin will already be soft and smooth. And, if you have to grow out your hair to achieve the perfect waxing results, no one will notice!

In November and December, European Wax Center offers their most popular Wax Pass promotion where guests can purchase a year-long Unlimited Wax Pass for any service and get a 13th month free, or the Pre-Paid Wax Pass, which gives 3 free services with the purchase of any nine.

For winter-pampered skin exfoliation and moisturization, every day, the Strut Lavishly™ collection Body Polish is a creamy, luxurious exfoliate that polishes away dull, dry skin for an undeniably radiant summer glow, while the Strut Lavishly™ Body Lotion will leave skin moisturized and radiant. Incorporate Smooth Me Ingrown Hair Wipes from the Strut Smoothly™ collection to banish those bumps and ingrown hairs that can happen to anyone! These easy to use (and gym-friendly) wipes can prevent unsightly bumps when used daily or twice a day to treat existing breakouts.

So, put away the summer dresses, swimsuits, and shorts, but never put away your waxing and skin routine. Even when you’re bundled up in your favorite sweater, you’ll feel unapologetically confident knowing that underneath the layers your skin is still smooth and beautiful.

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