Denver’s Bellwether Needs Volunteers to Give Hot Meals and Haircuts to The Homeless

Bellwether. Photo by Kyle Cooper.

‘Tis the season to give back, and the crew at Bellwether have made it as easy as showing up. On Wednesday, November 22, the coffee shop/bar/barbershop hybrid is offering hot meals to the homeless and families in need, as well as free haircuts, and food deliveries.  With the support of locals like Joy’s Kitchen, Westwoods Community Church, and Denver Design Build, the crew is looking for volunteers anytime between 10 a.m.-2  p.m. to help serve.

Photos courtesy of Josh Schmitz

Josh Schmitz, Bellwether’s owner, says that as a company, the goal has never been to simply create customers, but to create community. “And as a local business owner, how can you morally exist if you don’t make an effort to take care of your own local community? We have all been in places in life where we needed a little help — we want to create an atmosphere free of judgment of people’s circumstances and just give back.”

Schmitz says one of the event’s most memorable parts is watching people get free haircuts. “We have people coming in that haven’t had money for a haircut in years. To see them come in, be treated like royalty and watch their transformation is seriously one of the coolest things.” He said it also involves seeing the barber’s who are able to contribute a small part of restoring hope and confidence in someone who hasn’t felt that way in a long time.

Nativ Hotel downtown has served as a food donation dropoff and will also continue the festivities that same night, with special guest Crywolf hosting the night, as well as other surprises. The event is free, too so head over there if you’re looking for something to do on Thanksgiving eve.



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