Every season, Denver Fashion Week, continuously proves to be bigger than the last. From the colorful outfits and exclusive designs to the floor-length gowns and the sky-high hair, the designers and salons of DFW never fail to impress.

From the beginning of DFW 10 years ago, the team behind Denver’s biggest fashion show constantly work to put on a show that outshines the rest. Featuring several nights of local and national designers that bring diverse fashion, stunning visuals with runway models — the production team works around the clock to make sure it all comes together flawlessly.

Charlie Price, runway producer of DFW, and Hannah Werling, the production and stylist lead for DFW, are constantly working and changing the hair show — all to ensure a show that is unlike any other. And while the show itself looks flawless, it’s behind-the-scenes where the real magic happens.

Price and Werling took the time to talk with 303 Magazine about the production, creative process and hopes and goals for this year’s hair show.


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303 Magazine: How long has the DFW hair show been around?

Charlie Price and Hannah Werling: We started DFW over a decade ago with only a few Denver salons. Now we are proud to welcome over 3,000 guests to our show each season! Look what 303 started! Who says Denver doesn’t care about fashion?

303: What was the very first hair show like and how has it changed to now?

CP/HW: It all began with 10 salons. We wanted to start an event where hairdressers could create together for pleasure, not commerce. These days we keep that same sorority while welcoming beauty industry heavy hitters like Ted Gibson and Tabatha Coffey to our Wild Western home!

303: What’s the day-of preparation for the show?

CP/HW: It’s all a flurry of hairspray, wigs, makeup, naked booties, fearless models and diva hairdressers! We have fun interfacing with each other as artists and make every effort to honor our craft with each show!

Charlie Price.

303: How are the salon’s chosen to participate?

CP/HW: We invite salons and stylists whose work we admire from Denver, nationally and beyond!

303: Do you give creative freedom to the stylists or are there certain themes to follow?

CP/HW: We do give stylists great latitude in an effort to encourage their expression. This year we are teaming local salons together [with designers] under themes to mix it up and foster a spirit of collaboration.

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303: What are some things people should know about the hair show?

CP/HW: I wish and hope that the audience sees how much time energy and love everyone puts into their segments. It’s something we all look forward to, enjoy immensely and take very seriously. It’s a chance for hair and makeup people to create with abandon and pleasing themselves and showing the world who they are as artists.

303: What are some of the biggest challenges of the show?

CP/HW: The rehearsal lasts all day and wrangling 100 models and hundreds of hairdressers is never easy!

303: What’s the most memorable hair you’ve seen? 

CP/HW: Answering this questions would be like choosing a favorite child — I’ll never tell — I love them all the same and with all my heart!

Hannah Werling. Photo by David Rossa.

303: Where do you hope to see the hair show go from here?

CP/HW: As always it is my great hope to see it receive even more attention and be further recognized as one of the finest independent hair shows in America.

303: Compared to iconic shows like NYFW and shows in Germany and Milan, what sets DFW apart? 

CP/HW: We do this to come together — have fun and pay tribute to our craft. While we care very much about quality we don’t compare ourselves to anyone else — we don’t have to!

The DFW hair show will be March  25, 2018. Tickets to the hair show can be purchased here.