One of the most dreaded parts of traveling is the physical and mental fatigue you feel due to long flights and cramped airplane seats. And waiting for these flights isn’t any better. Killing time before — or between — flights usually consists of reading magazine after magazine, scrolling through social media or attempting to take a nap in some very uncomfortable chairs. Come this fall, DIA is offering another option: a private yoga studio in the airport for all travelers, frequent flyers and employees alike.

Beginning November 6, Yoga on the Fly will first launch here in Denver, with expansion to other airports beginning in 2018. Offering yoga and meditation practices, Yoga on the Fly will include instructional videos, Yoga By Numbers yoga mats, SoundOff wireless headphones and an “essentials beauty bar” that includes facial cleansing towels, hand lotion and some different essential oils within each of the private, mini-studio rooms.

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 Class options range from eight to 20 minutes and include yoga, meditation and breathwork via instructional iPad videos. Classes can also be combined for longer sessions and will feature guided movement specific to travel-related issues such as poor circulation, muscle aches, anxiety and more.

While other international airports offer communal airport yoga rooms, Yoga on the Fly is the first private airport studio with guided instruction via an iPad and SoundOff headphones.

“We are thrilled to be introducing the world’s first-ever guided, private yoga and meditation experience within airports,” said Elizabeth Feinstone, co-founder ofYoga on the Fly. “Our goal is to elevate the passenger and staff experience, offering an accessible respite from the chaos of travel.”

The DIA studio will begin with a 90-day residency (just in time for the holiday season) and will be open Sundays – Fridays from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Classes range in price from $15 for 15 minutes to $60 for 60 minutes. You can also mix-and-match classes for the full 60 minutes, i.e. a breathwork class, yoga or meditation. Each mini-studio room will be for one person, with five rooms total and will be open to anyone from pilots to airport workers to travelers of all ages (and yoga levels).

Yoga on the Fly was originally founded by Feinstone and Avery Westlund, who met while teaching yoga on a retreat in Nicaragua and connected over their shared love of travel. The two began to consider how yoga can be used to not only recuperate from travel, but to prevent the physical and mental discomforts of flight before takeoff.

Yoga on the Fly will be located in Terminal A and will also include a reception desk and a curated retail selection of athleisure wear brands. 

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Elizabeth Feinstone and Avery Westlund. All photos courtesy of Yoga on the Fly unless otherwise noted.