Denver has seen no shortage of growth, expansion and modernization in recent years. From high-tech transport technology to expanding infrastructure and new business, Colorado’s Capitol City is on the fast track to becoming one of America’s most trendy spots. Regardless of our love for things shiny and new, Denver dwellers still retain respect for things classic and historic.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado. All photos courtesy of

In an effort to cater to our love for the past, American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation is awarding $2 million to the restoration of main streets across America’s and our beloved Steamboat Springs is in the running to win.

Steamboat’s once working 1950s caboose is the object of the competitions attention. If restored the caboose will adorn the entrance to main street, becoming the first studio for seasonal artists to work in Steamboat. Coloradan’s can cast their vote for Steamboat at through October 31.