If you’ve ever questioned how punk rock Green Day really is (think the Uno, Dos and Tre albums) at Wednesday’s performance the band definitely showed, despite their added age, that they are still as angsty and energetic as ever. The original trio shredded through rain spurts, front man Billie Joe Armstrong smashed a guitar on a Subaru and there was even a full grown man who made his way on stage just to get tackled by security. If that is punk rock, then I don’t know what is.

As soon as stormy clouds began to roll in is when Green Day’s two-hour-long set started. The trio kicked off the show with “Know Your Enemy,” which turned into a wet, head banging dance party. Pyrotechnics boomed on stage while the audience got drenched by the recurring August rain, but the rain didn’t hinder any of the excitement. If anything, the rain was a catalyst that propelled everyone into a carefree attitude that remained throughout the show.

This ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude was met by the audience and band interactions throughout the night. Crowd surfers ranged in age from teenagers to 30-somethings alike during the faster and more angsty songs like “Holiday,” “Bang Bang” and “Letterbomb.” But one of the most punk rock things to happen was during the Dookie classic, “Longview.” As the signature bass line started and drums began to roll in, a fan hopped the stage barrier and made his way on stage. Though the band gave him no mind, there was a cacophony of audience cheer and praise for the 30-something fan. But unfortunately, his stage time was limited. As he tried to rock on, he was met with angry security guards doing their best to round him up. He dipped and dodged for about 30 seconds, eventually being met with a less than playful swift tackle to the ground and was escorted off stage.

We didn’t think this punk rock energy could be matched, but we were wrong. At about the halfway point of the show, the band kicked off the guitar heavy classic, “Hitchin’ A Ride.” Out of nowhere Armstrong looked to the audience and yelled, “fuck your Subaru.” It seemed odd and definitely a bit random, but like any loyal audience, the crowd cheered and even sported some middle fingers to go along with the mood. Then Armstrong left the stage and headed for one of the sponsored Subarus on the grass. “Who wants a guitar?” Armstrong asked. And at that moment in true rock ‘n’ roll fashion, Armstrong grabbed his guitar and started smashing the brand new car as the crowd went wild. Were they cheering out of excitement, disbelief or just because that’s the punk rock thing to do? We’re not quite sure, but we do know that it was one of the most random and dopest things we’ve witnessed at a show. And that was only at the midpoint of the concert.

Nothing else quite like people getting tackled or Subarus getting smashed happened during the remainder of the show. But that’s not to say that the energy dwindled. Five different fans were invited to the stage throughout the concert to sing or play the guitar. And they weren’t just escorted off the stage when the songs ended – Armstrong had them crowd dive, because why wouldn’t you do that if you’re at a Green Day show?

The band played two-hours worth of their most well-known hits and sprinkled in some of their lesser known, newer songs. When you’re a band for nearly 30 years you definitely have a lot of content to pick from, and the setlist didn’t disappoint. In those 30 years, we’ve seen numerous hits and some flops, but as Wednesday’s show can attest, the band hasn’t lost any of their angst and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

All photography by Candace Peterson.

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  1. Doug

    Hi Symone. I was at the concert – which was EPIC – but the windows were never smashed. Look at the video you added to your post, it shows him hitting the glass, doors and, finally tossing the guitar which bounced off the roof. None of the windows were smashed.

    • Symone Roque

      Hi Doug. Thanks for pointing that out. The wording was definitely too hyperbolic, but the piece has been updated.

    • Trish

      I was there too. It was great! Screamed my ass off!!! They know how to work a crowd!!! Something for everyone! What a great band!

  2. Trista Sanders

    I wasn’t at the show but I did watch a live feed of it from periscope. He didn’t say “who wants a guitar” he looked toward his guitar tech and said “give me a guitar”. He then laid his guitar, Blue, on the stage and his guitar tech handed him one of the guitars that he gives to fans. Then, as you can see from the YouTube video you attached, he hit the car with it a few times and then tossed it on top, where it bounced.

    • Symone Roque

      Hi Trista. From what I remember at the show I heard both comments. The one about asking the audience who wants a guitar was first (I think as a way to rile the audience up) and then he told the guitar tech to give him the guitar.

  3. Sandra

    You mention the “30 somethings” in the crowd. Well this “50 something” was in the crowd on 8/1/17 in Seattle with my 16 yr old daughter (aka Huge Green Day fan) and I had the best time. There are lots of us that have been listening since our 20’s and are still around. The only thing I don’t enjoy so much anymore is all the pot smoke! Been there, done that.

  4. Johnny

    I was at the show with my daughter and it was an awesome show. Who cares what he said or didn’t say or if the windows were smashed or not.
    It’s Rock and Roll.
    Just enjoy Symone’s article. (Keep up the good work)

  5. Lindsey

    Wow were you even at the show? So many of your facts are wrong. 5 fans on stage? No it was more like 3. Next time you write about a show you should actually attend and have a good seat so you can see what goes on.

    • Autumn

      I attended the show and 100% remember 5 fans on stage. So next time you critique an article you should probably attend the show and have a good seat, I was in the pit were you, in general admission? I’m sure…. This is an awesome, VERY accurate feature of the eventful show Green Day blessed Colorado with.

  6. Faith Perfetti Stultz

    I took my 9 year old to this show! It was his first and it will be hard pressed to be surpassed! This show is in my top three concert experiences and I’ve been to a lot of shows! I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time!!!!

  7. Wzntme672

    I work at Subaru and the car he “smashed” is on our lot with three little dings and all the windows intact. Haha! Sure, let’s call it “smashed.” Helps his pseudo-pink persona. But hey, if anyone wants to buy a Subaru that can withstand a Billy Joe tantrum, let me know.

  8. Greg Brent

    Excellent review of what was a spectacular GREEN DAY show. I’ve seen the band countless times over their years since their inception. I was kind of heartened when Billie Jo asked if anyone had been Green Day fans since the beginning and a number of us cheered. He then called us “old bastards” and said we love ‘me!! The show was well-timed moving through their set list with repeated encouragement to the audience. Your review is pretty spot-on. No…the suburu wasn’t damaged much as I looked when walking out after the show ended. Yes. He asked for someone young who could join them on stage and play the guitar on a song with them and after he gives the kid a guitar. That has been a standard at their recent concerts. All in all a great show with rain during the first song and tapering off throughout the rest of the evening.


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