Denver locals have been cranking out fresh jams all summer, and some of your Denver favorites like Povi and Trev Rich have just released some new tunes that will keep the summertime vibes alive. You’ll have no issue finding new music from whatever genre you’re in the mood for from hip-hop, soul, rock, blues, electronic and more. Denver’s music hub has something for everyone to enjoy. So checkout these new songs and add them to your summer playlists.

Note – Not all artists listed below have Soundcloud and thus are not all featured in the above playlist. We’ve included a link under each artist to check them out individually on various platforms. The artists not on the playlist are OverUnder and 888.

Paper Chase – “your song”

Photo courtesy of Chase on Facebook.

When love goes sour you always need a good song to bump with your friends and scream sing in the passenger seat — and this is it. The production will hype you up and once the lyrics kick in you’ll be ready to Snapchat them to your ex. Honestly, how pissed would your ex be if they saw you getting lit to these lyrics: “Girl I know you hate me / Now I’m on yo TV screen in HD / You can call me crazy / Call me anything but baby yeah.” Find the song here.

Elder Grown –”Subconscious Beast”

Photo courtesy of Elder Grown’s Facebook.

Elder Grown covers a lot of genres in their latest release. You will get bits of rock, reggae, funk and even some experimental styles thrown in there. There is a lot of experimentation through the vocal style starting soft, hitting falsettos and then diving into some raspy rock tones, and then even adding in reggae style. The chorus highlights the more reggae elements of the song, but more rock heavy styled guitars and drumming remain a constant throughout the majority of the song. Find the song here.

DefSense –”day of the dumpster”

Photo courtesy of DefSense’s Facebook.

Denver rapper, DefSense just released an album titled it’s getting old., and the song “day of the dumpster” is definitely a standout track. The song mixes trap-style production and dark vocals to create a moody song about confronting your enemies. If you like like distorted vocals and eerie beats this will be right up your alley. Find the song here.

888 –”Creepers”

Photo courtesy of 888’s Facebook.

If you ever listened to any of the Pop Goes Punk albums then this song will definitely give you flashbacks. The hard hitting drums and electric guitars combined with the piano and higher-pitched vocals makes for a song that will please the softer rock fans and pop-punk lovers alike. After listening to this you might find yourself breaking out your skinniest skinny jeans and thickening your eyeliner. Find the song here.

Povi Ft. A Meazy  – “Only One”

Photo courtesy of Alden Bonecutter.

Denver favorite, Povi has been experimenting with her music style recently, and this latest release shows a more electronic and club style side to the soulful singer. Povi gives us some Sia-like vocal style on “Only One,” which is a mix of raspiness and precision. This song is perfect for when the club is winding down because of the upbeat production combined with A Meazy’s flow and Povi’s sultry voice. Find the song here.

CRL CRRLL – “AutoErotica”

Photo courtesy of CRL CRRLL on Facebook

August marks the winding down of the summer. So if you’re disappointed that summer is has gone by too fast, then press play and hold onto the season for a little longer with this upbeat and festive song. The funky trumpets, cheery and fast production and CRL CRRLL’s smooth voice create a song that will keep you dancing until the leaves finally start changing colors. Find the song here.

Trev Rich –”Questions”

Photo courtesy of Danielle Webster.

If you’ve ever had a partner that always kept tabs on you, asked you where you were going and who you were with constantly then you will absolutely relate to this song. Trev Rich songs usually have deeper and bass-heavy  beats but the production on this song leans more towards an electronic style. The change in production and Rich’s quick and catchy flow creates a perfect song for your ex or your friend’s annoying significant other.  Find the song here.

OverUnder –”Let the Music Do the Talking”

Photo courtesy of OverUnder’s Facebook.

OverUnder lives up to their song title, “Let the Music Do the Talking.” The instrumentals are the first thing to draw you in with heavy and distorted guitar riffs and cymbal-heavy drums. If you’re in the mood for some headbanging give this song a listen. Find the song here.

Two Faces West – “By the Book”

Photo courtesy of Two Faces West’s Facebook.

“By the Book” draws you in with a classic slow, blues style introduction and then punches you with fast drums and loud guitar riffs. The juxtaposition between the soulful and blues vocals with the more punk rock guitars will play with your mood. The vocals make you feel grounded and in control, like the song title suggests. But the instrumentals will rile you up – because who really wants to play things, “by the book?” Find the song here.