Step aside, rosé — as much as we love you as a go-to “summer water,” we still can’t get enough of the original summer sipper — sangria. Whether you’re into the red or white wine fruit blends, you’ll find something you love inside this list of the 11 best places to sip sangria in Denver and beyond this summer.

Cuba Cuba

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Where: 1173 Delaware St., Denver

The Lowdown: If the patio isn’t enough to get you to Cuba Cuba, go for its three sangria flavors — white, red and spicy mango. The white is crisp and light with white wine, gin and fresh fruit to cut through the gin flavor, while the red is more berry-dominant with a hint of brandy. If you’re looking for something different, though, we’ll point you to the spicy mango. It has a blood orange-spicy touch that gives you a taste of something different. Glasses are $10 and a pitcher is $35, but if you head over during happy hour you can nab a glass for $4.50.


Cucina Colore

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Where: 3041 E. 3rd Ave., Denver
The Lowdown: At $11 per glass, the Cucina Colore sangria is worth every cent. Its white sangria is sparkling with Verdi champagne, peach schnapps, papaya, mango, orange and pineapple. The red delights with guava, pineapple and mango — and both have lots of fresh fruit floaters to keep you cool during those hot summer days.


Decadent Saint

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Where: 1501 Lee Hill Dr., Boulder

The Lowdown: Decadent Saint in Boulder uses its “Ultimate Mixer” base for its sangrias — which are all real fruit concentrate mixers with 20.5 percent ABV. Six dollars will get you a glass of the good stuff, but we suggest trying the special sangria flight to get a taste of its special passion fruit blend.

El Five

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Where: 2930 Umatilla, Fifth Floor, Denver

The Lowdown: El Five already boasts a killer menu and equally stunning views, but its sangria is worth mentioning too. The red sangria is a combo of red wine, brandy, pomegranate, mango, strawberry, peaches and frozen grapes — a touch that really makes this concoction stand out. Glasses are $10, and pitchers are $20.



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Where: 24 Broadway, Denver

The Lowdown: This dry and fruity red sangria is premade to marinate for hours before serving. It has oranges, apples, pears, brandy and orange liqueur and goes well with Leña’s diverse menu of Latin foods.


Los Cabos II

Where: 1525 Champa St., Denver

The Lowdown: If you like the sweet stuff when it comes to sangria, this is your place. Los Cabos II has a refreshing, sweet sipper with berries and oranges ringing in at $9.50 per glass.


NoRTH Italia

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Where: 190 Clayton Ln., Denver

The Lowdown:  If an Italian restaurant doesn’t immediately come to mind when you think of sangria, NoRTH Italia may change your mind. Coming in at $9 per glass or $28 per pitcher, this red sangria has brandy, blood orange, red wine, strawberry and lime — making it the perfect pairing with a cheese plate on a hot summer day. (Bonus — head in for happy hour to enjoy it for $4.)


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Where: 1431 Larimer St., Denver

The Lowdown: This classic has that signature dark-red hue you’d expect from a sangria with the taste to match. This $10 cocktail has red wine, marinated fruit, brandy and crème de cassis. Pair it alongside Rioja’s modern Mediterranean menu and you have a winning meal.



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Where: 3422 E. 12th Ave., Denver

The Lowdown: Pinot Grigio fans, this one’s for you. Sienna’s white sangria is the perfect patio drink with a refreshing citrus-forward flavor. This $7 sangria has orange, peach, mango, pineapple and fresh fruits like strawberry. Head in for happy hour to sip one glass for $5.



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Where: 5410 E. Colfax Ave., Denver

The Lowdown: If you can’t decide between white or red, we suggest heading to Solera and settling in with a glass of each — $8 regularly and $30 for a pitcher. During happy hour, it is $6. Both are made to order with the white having a lemon-lime flavor and the red had a Hennessey flavor that left us wanting more.


The Thin Man

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Where: 2015 E. 17th Ave., Denver

The Lowdown: This white sangria has an extra touch of apple juice and orange vodka paired with the white wine that makes for an interesting blend. On the other hand, the red has an unexpected combo of gin and cranberry juice (both $6).

BONUS: Sangria Sorbet at Frozen Matter

Where: 530 E. 19th Ave., Denver

The Lowdown: This seasonal treat is as tasty as it sounds. Using actual sangria, this delicious summer treat is light, fruity and boozy. And if you want an extra, extra bonus head to the cooler and slip into the secret speakeasy hidden inside the ice cream shop. 

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All photos and additional reporting by Rachelle Foos