Fresh Music From Local Musicians – Povi, Sunsquabi & More

Denver artist Povi shook it with her squad during a Red Bull Sound Select concert. Photo by McKenzie Coyle

What better time to catch up on the newest music than when the weather is getting warmer and the days feel longer? There’s no better place to start your search than in Denver’s growing music hub. Denver is home to musicians that will satisfy all of your musical tastes from punk, pop, hip-hop, electronic, country and more. Check out the new music these 11 local artists have just released to kick off your summer.

Note – Not all artists listed below have Soundcloud and thus are not all featured in the above playlist. We’ve included a link under each artist to check them out individually on various platforms. The artists not on the playlist are Chloe Tang, Foxxes and The Violet Tides.

Povi – “Usta Was”

Photo courtesy of 303 Magazine.

Denver-local Povi is known for her soulful voice that is followed by hip-hop and electronic production. Her latest song “Usta Was” stays true to her sound with her melodic voice being distorted and accompanied by experimental beats. This new smooth and sexy song will definitely spice up your summer playlist. You can find the new song here.

Sunsquabi – Deluxe 

Photo courtesy of Mike Kvackay.

The three-piece funk and electronic group just released a remix of the lead single, “Pygmy Up” off their latest EP, Deluxe. The Cloudchord remix of the song adds more electronic and distorted production to the funky sound of Sunsquabi. The Deluxe  EP blends the bass heavy funk style and electronic production for a more upbeat sound than their previous release Odyssey had. Find their latest EP here.

Lucid Vision – Muse EP

Photo courtesy of Lucid Vision’s Facebook.

Lucid Vision’s latest three-song EP Muse blends live guitar, smooth electronic production and soft vocals. “Be My Stranger,” “Muse” and “Dimensional Shift” are perfect for your summer jams if you enjoy lounging in the sun and listening to trippy electronic beats. Find the Muse EP here.

 YaSi – “Knock Knock”

Photo courtesy of Will Sheehan.

With the experimental and unique production for SlackBeats, YaSi’s newest song, “Knock Knock” is perfect for the summer. The song showcases how melodic and emotion-filled YaSi’s voice is and how R&B and electronic beats are able to enhance it. Her latest is catchy, cool and will keep you bouncing and bobbing during the summer months.  Check out the banger here.

Foxxes –  “Potential”

Photo courtesy of Foxxes’ Facebook.

Foxxes is a an indie, psychedelic and  punk rock band from Denver. Their newest song “Potential” shows off their unique mix of sounds with hard hitting guitars, trippy bass and psychedelic harmonies. If you’re into experimental indie sounds this song is definitely right up your alley. Check out “Potential” here.

The Violet Tides – “Afraid of Being Saved”

Photo courtesy of The Violet Tides’ Facebook.

The Violet Tides is a four-piece modern, alternative band from Northern Colorado. “Afraid of Being Saved” takes you on a roller coaster of emotions from resistance to change to hope. The song is different than some of their previous work. Instead of sticking to just a rock element, “Afraid of Being Saved” also experiments with electronic beats and production along with their original rock riffs and drums. You can find the song and others here.

Low Hanging Fruit – “Velocity”

Photo courtesy of Low Hanging Fruit’s Facebook.
If you’re looking to live up the summer, “Velocity” will surely keep you pumped and upbeat. The hip-hop group, Low Hanging Fruit, uses catchy bars and unique production to create a sound that will make you want to party. Check out their latest here.

Chloe Tang – Passion / Aggression EP

Photo courtesy of Chloe Tang’s Facebook.

Chloe Tang is a Phoenix native, currently based in Denver whose five song EP is gaining popularity since its March release.  Tang’s style is a mix of pop and alternative sounds that pull from other styles like folk, blues and rock. You can find her EP, Passion / Aggression here.

Still Point – “Cosmic”

Photo courtesy of Still Point’s Facebook.

Still Point is an underground glitch-hop, dubstep and hip-hop producer from Denver. He worked on Lucid Vision’s EP on the song “Dimensional Shift,” but recently released his newest song, “Cosmic.” “Cosmic” mixes several EDM styles throughout the song. You’ll find conventional EDM sounds like glitches, building bass and synthesized piano. Check out his latest here.

Dylan Montayne – “When She’s Gone”

Photo courtesy of Will Sheehan.

Dylan Montayne is a hip-hop and reggae artist from New Mexico but currently based in Denver. He recently dropped “When She’s Gone” which samples Billy Wither’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” and includes Montayne rapping alongside the production of Willbeaux. “When She’s Gone” contrasts Wither’s slow bluesy song by adding upbeat production and quick raps from Montayne. Check out the song here.

Stevie G – “He Say She Say”

Stevie G.

Stevie G is a part of the Denver creative art collective, Groove On, as a producer and DJ. His newest song, “He Say She Say” mixes soulful male vocals with Latin-influenced production. The horns, drums and vocals all combine for a spicy love song about longing and sensuality. Find the song here.

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