Denver PrideFest 2017 took place this Saturday and Sunday from June 17 through 18. The two days of a LGBTQ+ focused weekend brought out people from all over the state. They gathered at Civic Center part to celebrate love and diversity, as well as show off their looks for this year’s Pride season. Rainbow was the main option for event goers but many people opted for crazy costumes that really expressed self-identity. This year’s Pride brought out the most creative and colorful looks we have yet to see and really showcased Denver’s own diversity as a growing city.

This was Sabrina’s first year at Denver Pride with her family. “My mom got me this rainbow dress and my dad helped me make my wings. So my entire outfit was assembled by my family.” – All photography by Will Sheehan

“Pride is a time to express yourself and for some of us that’s through costume. “

Trinity loves unicorns for their magical atmosphere, which she thought matched perfectly with Pride.

Lalli choose to wear this dress herself. Her mom stated, “It started as a Halloween costume and now she wears it all the time. Plus, it was perfect for today.”

Kay is all about skulls and chaos. “I’ll wear anything with a skull on it.”

“This look is a collection of things I’ve gathered from Prides over the past 10 years of attending them.” Katelyn Goodbar

Kia Gonzalez said, “I’m a big peppermint patty and I came to freshen up the event!”

“I went with something fun and pop art inspired this year.”

“I’m wearing these colorful pants I made (from Miss Mary Jane CO.) which are fun and colorful. I have a ton of wigs and really wanted to rock one today.” – Madison Alvarez

“I wanted to show my love of Star wars and Pride in one.”

Tessa Baldwin is going to be using this look for the Unicorn Festival in June, but she thought it would be perfect for Pride to bring as much sparkle as she can to the festival.


Ben said, “I got this outfit last minute for Pride and really wanted to go all out. Pink was the perfect option.”


DJ Queen Beats opted for a rainbow skirt she wears every Pride season.

Stephanie loves unicorns and thought their magic was perfect for Pride.

The Valentine family all tie-dyed their shirts together the night before.

Underwear was a huge theme throughout Pride.

All Photography by Will Sheehan. Go here to see additional images.