In Colorado, you can practice beer yoga, snowga (snow yoga) and cat yoga, but have you heard of rainforest yoga? At the Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center in Broomfield, the rainforest inside the Wings of the Tropics is opened specifically for one-of-a-kind yoga classes that make you feel as though you are meditating in the jungle.

Four times per month yoga instructors from the area teach a variety of yoga classes from all levels and styles of vinyasa to beginner and intermediate hatha yoga. Although the rainforest room is hot and humid due to the climate the plants and butterflies are used to, the rainforest yoga classes are not Bikram (hot yoga), but you should bring a towel and lots of water just in case.

Photos courtesy of the Butterfly Pavilion

No matter what class you go to, this hour-long evening class will give yogis of all levels a chance to experience nature while rejuvenating their mind and body.

So where did the idea for rainforest yoga come from? It turns out the staff members themselves at the Butterfly Pavilion secretly used the space for their own informal yoga breaks for a while before they decided that other yogis would also be interested.

“Early in 2012, we asked ourselves, ‘Why don’t we do this for real?’ Using a few of the yogis around town that we had personal connections with, in September 2012 we launched our first Rainforest Yoga classes. We began doing it once a month. As popularity grew over the years, we increased it to twice a month, then three — and now we currently host four Rainforest Yoga classes per month. We are looking to increase this in the future,” MK Wohlenhaus, the vice president of marketing and communications for the Pavilion said.

The rainforest yoga classes have become so popular, in fact, that Wohlenhaus explained more yoga classes and other fitness classes such as mala workshops (transformative meditation), singing bowl classes (Tibetan bell instruments used for relaxation) and family and partner yoga classes may soon be available.

In the meantime, Wohlenhaus says that the rainforest yoga classes are definitely something you should try if you’re looking for a yoga class that will help you completely relax.

“No matter your skill level, Rainforest Yoga at Butterfly Pavilion provides a unique opportunity to de-stress, unwind and revitalize,” she said.

You have to sign-up quick though. There are only 20 spots available per classPick which class you’re interested in and pre-register here. The classes for this month are May 10, 13, 24 and 27 and cost $8 for members of the Butterfly Pavilion and $10 for non-members. To find out more general information, you can also visit the Butterfly Pavilion website.

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