The Lumineers & Jack White to Release Exclusive Record Store Day Vinyl in Denver

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Record Store Day (RSD) will return this year for its 10-year anniversary. As always, vinyl enthusiasts are gearing up for an exciting day to spend alongside fellow music lovers and local record stores. The full list of releases is now live on the Record Store Day website and includes an extensive variety of artists from The Cure, to Miley Cyrus, to RSD’s first-ever very own record — a David Crosby EP.

Though the list is packed with a variety of incredible releases, there are two in particular, Denver should get excited for. The Lumineers have announced a national release for Record Store Day which they mixed on their Cleopatra World Tour. Titled Song Seedsthe RSD exclusive will only feature two tracks from 2016’s Cleopatra, but in a very special way. It will spin three different versions of both “Angela” and “A Long Way From Home.” Song Seeds originates from the idea of a seed sprouting, growing and evolving in the same way a musicians’ song would. The three renditions are recordings of the two songs at different points in their creation — the demo, the album cut and a live version. This special 10″ is meant to give fans a look into The Lumineers’ creative process and learn a bit about their song progression. Wesley Schultz of The Lumineers said:

“With ‘Angela’, you’ll hear how lyrics change and bridges and verses are moved around. And with ‘Long Way From Home’ you’ll hear an entire intro, i.e. a brand new part of the song that was omitted on the studio album, but can be heard in the live version.”

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Album art for “Song Seeds”

This isn’t the first time they’ve let the public in on their process. We found a full recording of one of their 2010 performances at the Hi-Dive you should check out here. Interestingly enough, they performed “Gun Song” and “Sleep on The Floor” in the set, which weren’t released to the public for another six years when the 2016 album Cleopatra came out.

Alongside The Lumineers, Jack White, who now owns his own record printing plant in Detroit, will release his brand new song “Battle Cry” on gold-colored 7″.  The song was written for his hometown baseball team, the Detroit Tigers, in conjunction with his brand, Warstic Baseball Bats. Battle Cry on vinyl, will be unleashed on RSD, but only at 10 lucky local record stores in the nation. And Denver, you’re in luck because Twist & Shout is one of those local record stores.

Twist & Shout, Twist and Shout, Denver Music, Denver, 303 Magazine, Tyler Harvey, Kyle Cooper
Twist & Shout. Photo by Kyle Cooper.

Not only is White releasing new music for Record Store Day, it was announced today that he’s also printing vinyl for the event by artists other than himself. Third Man Records, White’s facility, has prepared The Bob Seger System’s first single from ’68 on vinyl – “2+2=?” The anti-Vietnam anthem has been denied re-issue year-after-year, but White has finally brought it to fruition, claiming it’s one of his “all-time favorite songs.” How’d he do it? He remastered the song from old-school analog tapes. Alongside the Seger record, Third Man Records will release The Blue Series: The Story Behind The Color by Ben Blackwell. This book-vinyl combo purchase recounts the behind-the-scenes sessions workings of Third Man Record’s Blue Series artists at their Nashville production location. Artists that have worked there in the past include Insane Clown Posse, Courtney Barnett, Beck and many more. The book includes never-before-seen photography on the inner-workings of the production facility and is signed by the author himself. The Blue Series: The Story Behind the Color will be paired with a 7″ which includes unreleased tracks by First Aid Kit and Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers.

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Album art for “Battle Cry.” Photo courtesy of Third Man Records.

All of the records mentioned above will be in-stock and available at Twist & Shout on April 22. But don’t sleep-in, all are expected to sell out fast.

Check out our interview here with RSD Co-Founder’s Michael Kurtz and Paul Epstein (owner of Twist & Shout) for more on what to expect. The full list of RSD releases can be found here.

Twist & Shout, Twist and Shout, Denver Music, Denver, 303 Magazine, Tyler Harvey, Kyle Cooper
Twist & Shout. Photo by Kyle Cooper.

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