On March 18, 2017, a fashion show like nothing the Denver Metro area has ever seen will come to Littleton. Titled, Old World Wonder, the runway show will take place at Pro Studio located at 3768 Norwood Drive #E, Littleton, Colorado. The event will feature gowns by designer Even Jenkins.

The show was first thought up by boutique owner Anna Archibeque. Self-proclaimed an old soul, it made perfect sense for Archibeque to be the one to create the vintage themed showcase. She opened up a vintage clothing boutique named after her daughter, Charlie Brae in 2015 with an online shop. However, the pieces you find here have been carefully hand-selected by Archibeque to uphold the name of vintage. Here you can find a great selection of rocker tees, boho trends, and retro flashbacks that are all one of a kind. We sat down with Archibeque to learn more about her story, Charlie Brae boutique, and the upcoming fashion show.

Archibeque with her Daughter Charlie – All Images by Bri Paul’s of ProStudio

303 Magazine: Tell us a bit about Charlie Brae boutique and your story. 

Anna Archibeque: I opened CharlieBrae Boutique my online store in 2015.We are a start up company and have already seen huge success. I named the company after my daughter Charlie Brae. Charlie inspired me to reach for my dreams because that is what I have always taught her, that you can be any thing you want with passion and hard work. I want to be an example of hard work and dedication to her.
I try to instill good qualities into my little such as love and respect for others, treating our world better, a giving heart and faith. I instill those same core beliefs into my company. We sell eco-conscious and cause worthy clothing, with a percentage of the proceeds going to charity at Love146 to help abolish child trafficking and exploitation. Our new line of graphic tees were designed to show our core values with one of our top sellers the We Stand With Standing Rock Sioux shirt and the Above All Else Guard Your Heart shirt. I love waking up every day knowing I am doing what I love. I have really enjoyed this venture so far and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

303: Why did you choose to open a vintage shop? What is it about second-hand items that initially attracted you?

AA: I have always been an old soul with a vintage style. Growing up I was raised on all things classic from music, movies, classic cars, bikes and fashion. Growing up in the mountains there was no shortage of rustic wear and humble beginnings. I love incorporating my upbringing into my style, especially the music, from the Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, to Agent Orange. Our newest line of Grateful Dead shirts are a hit. I love the look and the feel of vintage clothing and the stories they tell.
303: What has the reception been from the Denver audience thus far? Where do you hope to see Charlie Brae in 10 years
AA: I love supporting local small businesses and have found that my local Denver neighbors have been more than welcoming. I have teamed up with several local designers who sell consignment on my website. I have done local festivals like the Big Wonderful and have loved every minute of it. I see CharlieBrae becoming a huge well-known company. I would love to have success nationwide and hope to see more and more people shopping vintage and wearing clothing that inspires them and gives back to others.
303: Tell our readers about the Old World Wonder fashion show, why should our readers attend this event? 
AA: The show is going to be the party of the year. There will be an awe-inspiring fashion show featuring CharlieBrae’s new line of vintage rocker inspired muscle tees with a 1930’s flare sporting suspenders over them. In fact, visible suspenders were considered risqué in 1930’s. There will be Old World timless gowns by Eve Jenkins, and jewelry by MG Jewels of Modern Gladiator. The show will have a champagne bar, chocolate fountain, photo booth, and pop up boutique shopping.
303 : Eve Jenkins will be showing her gowns at the show, tell us a bit about that.
AA:  Eve Jenkins is an amazing designer who will be showing her high fashion gowns in the show. Her dresses are jaw dropping and have always been used as the finale of many huge fashion shows. They are unforgettable.  She will be showing in New York Fashion Week in September and I am so fortunate to be walking for her.
Eves gowns are show stoppers they are simply extraordinary. There is something timeless about them. She incorporates goth high fashion couture into ballgowns.  Her gowns are so detailed with lace, bead embellishments, ruffles, stones, corset lace-ups, and exaggerated trains trailing behind leaving you wanting more for the eyes. What girl hasn’t wanted to be part of a fairy tale. She describes her collection as fairy tale gothic couture. She will be showing her black collection which is perfect for my theme, Old World Wonder.
303: Where did the name “Old World Wonder” come from and why did you select it?
AA: I love vintage fashion and any fashion that’s a looking glass into the past. I wanted to create a show that people would feel inspired from and feel the past coming through to the now. I love the look of the 1800s and the women’s almost costume like gowns. I love the darkness of the 1930s full-length skin tight madam mistress dresses, and the hardcore trends of the ’50s with greaser girls wearing suspenders and white fitted tees with the sleeves rolled up. It’s each and every era that has me inspired wanting to bring the Old World to the new world of fashion.
303: Any other fashion events in the future our readers might want to take note of?
AA: I hope to have many more fashion shows to come and pop-up boutique nights perfect for ladie’s night out. My goal is to show at 303 Magazines Denver Fashion Weekend!

Gowns by Eve Jenkins- Image by Eve Jenkins