This is not a drill. Hamilton: An American Musical, is coming to Denver, Colorado.  This Broadway musical that blends hip-hop, rap, R&B and jazz has gained nationwide attention for its ability to turn the historical story of the nation’s first Treasury Secretary into entertainment for people of all ages. Whether a fan of Broadway and hour long performances of singing, Hamilton has proven to be the show that everyone must see.

All Photos Courtesy of Hamilton Facebook Page.

The play follows Founding Father Alexander Hamilton’s development from an immigrant who is a tad over eager to make his mark on the political world. Along the way, we watch him develop both enemies and friends – especially in that of President George Washington. The play reveals the impact that Hamilton had on America’s history – and our economic system.

Hamilton simply put is great storytelling. Through the exploration of modern hip-hop in the play’s movement and songs, the story gets down to the grit of American politics dating back to the birth of the U.S. Where would our nation be if not for George Washington’s immigrant “right-hand man”?  The lyrics themselves touch upon both the good and ugly of the Revolutionary War. They manage to bring a whole world to life that would normally be passed over in the pages of a history book.

You can catch Hamilton at the Buell Theatre, February 27-April 1, 2018. You can subscribe to the Broadway subscription for the Denver Center of Performing Arts to be put on the waiting list. Single tickets will be for sale later this year.