Yurts are circular edifices on collapsible framework that were traditionally used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia and Turkey. Today, Colorado is home to dozens of mountain yurts that idolize the spirit of roughing it. Yurts are a great way to get away and experience the pureness of nature. They stay warm — with help from a fire — in the winter and cool in the summer. The hiking, skiing, snowboarding and in some cases, fishing nearby these yurts is unparalleled. Many drive-up accessible yurts are located on privately owned farms. Others are located several miles from any road and require patrons to use skis or snowshoes to access. For all of us city folk, here is a list of fairly accessible yurts to visit.

‘Glamping’ Yurt

Photo courtesy of the Johnsons on Airbnb.

Where: Carbondale, Colorado

Access: Drive-up

Cost: $175/night (sleeps four)  

The Lowdown: ‘Glamping’ is the name of the game with this fully furnished yurt. Located on a farm complete with horses and other livestock near Aspen, CO, this yurt sleeps four and has all of the necessities you will need. By staying at this yurt, you will also have access to the owners’ Creative Spaces in the barn for artists and entrepreneurs. The yurt is in a perfect place for hiking and cross country skiing and is minutes from the slopes.

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North Park Yurts

Photo courtesy of Never Summer Nordic on their website.

Where: State Forest State Park

Access: Drive-up

Cost: $100/ night 

The Lowdown: Choose from one of three yurts — Black Bear Yurt, Aspen Yurt or Sunset Yurt — located on private property near the entrance to State Forest State Park. These yurts measure 24 feet across and are 200 yards apart. Each yurt is equipped with a queen bed and extra cots and allow dogs even during the winter. Yurt patrons also receive access to a private two-track ski trail.

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Fully-furnished Yurt

Photo courtesy of Cindy on Airbnb.

Where: Ridgway, Colorado 

Access: Drive-up


The Lowdown: This yurt is fully-furnished and located on a farm complete with animals including horses, donkeys, goats and pigs. Another prime example of ‘glamping,’ the yurt has one bed and sleeps two. All necessities are provided, as are the incredible views.

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Camel Yurt

Photo courtesy of Camel Air B&B on Airbnb.

Where: Moffat, Colorado

Access: Drive-up

Cost:$110/ night  

The Lowdown: The yurt is located on a camel farm — yup, a camel farm. With nearby hot springs, farm tours and camel milk soap and other products, this yurt is one of the quirkiest Colorado has to offer. The yurt sleeps two and is off the grid, but is equipped with lanterns to make seeing at night easier. The Great Sand Dunes is about an hour away from this yurt, and would make a great day trip.

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Dancing Moose Yurt

Photo by Mike Pacheco.

Where: GPS Coordinates: 40 33’57.43″N ; 105 59’16.93″W

Access: .25 miles

Cost:$120/ night  

The Lowdown: Dancing Moose Yurt is a perfect mountain escape in both summer and winter for up to nine people. Luckily this yurt is relatively close to the road because you and your friends will have to pack all necessities in and out. Plenty of moose call the area home and love to spend early mornings right in the front yard. The front deck sports impressive views of Clark Peak.

For more information and a complete list of recommended winter and summer equipment, go here.

Kurt’s Yurt

Photo courtesy of Kurt’s Yurt on Airbnb.

Where: Fairplay, Colorado

Access: less than 2 miles


The Lowdown: Kurt’s Yurt is a cozy little getaway for mountain enthusiasts. Nestled right below the tree line, Kurt’s yurt is nearby plenty of outdoor recreation including star gazing. Bring your skis, boots and outdoor mentality to unwind from the busy city life. During the winter, you will need snowshoes or skis to access the yurt.

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Montgomery Pass Yurts

Photo courtesy of Never Summer Nordic on their website.

Where: Montgomery Pass

Access: 2.8 miles


The Lowdown: If you’re feeling confident or are looking for a little more adventure, check out Never Summer Nordic’s Montgomery Pass Yurts. Two yurts — separated by a line of trees — share a clearing halfway up Montgomery Pass. This is the perfect place for experienced skiers or bikers to test their skills. The yurts are available to rent individually and are a great option for large groups. This yurt is not for the faint of heart, but is a joy to experience if you’re up for the challenge.

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