Aside from the spring-like weather Denver is having, there’s another reason why we all may feel like the seasons are changing. Because just within a couple of weeks of the new administration, grassroots protests seem to be growing like a freshly fertilized lawn. From the Women’s March on Denver to the rally for Muslims and the competing Planned Parenthood protests — it doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon. 

Today is no different. The newest protest comes in the form of “A Day Without Immigrants,” where across the nation immigrants are encouraged to take a day off work in order to demonstrate their importance in the US. The restaurant industry, which employs a large majority of immigrants to run its kitchens, is particularly vulnerable to this protest. So much so that the National Restaurant Association, as well as the Colorado Restaurant Association, has alerted its members of the potential impact (you can read the full alert as reported here by Westword). 

Some Denver restaurants though and have decided to embrace the protest and stand in solidarity with their immigrant workers. One of the notable statements comes from famed Denver restaurateur, Frank Bonanno, who posted his support on Facebook this morning:

“People who have been with me ten, thirteen years, without missing a day are choosing to make their voices heard on this one. I stand with them. We stand with our team. In honor of today’s protests, Osteria Marco & Russell’s Smokehouse will be closed for business today,” said Bonanno on Facebook.

Other businesses like Maria EmpanadaAdelitas Cocina y Cantina, and Biju’s Little Curry Shop have also closed their doors and issued similar statements. 

So if you’re headed out for lunch today, make sure to check in with your local restaurant because it’s possible they may be affected by today’s protest.