Monday, January 9

Recommended: Mom Jeans. @ The Deer Pile

The Mom Jeans. trio is as charming as they are talented. These best friends are pumping with satirical angst that takes you back to your misunderstood adolescence. Based in Berkley, California, the band tags itself as an alt-punk sound with a hint of “sad.” But with songs titled “Edward 40hands” the group offers a lighter tone for balance. And I mean, their name is Mom Jeans., need I say more?

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Tuesday, January 10

Recommended: Waka Flocka Flame @ Cervantes

Waka Flocka Flame will be tearing it up this Tuesday at Cervantes’ Masterpiece & Ballroom. Waka, as he’s commonly known, proved his credibility in 2009 with the release of several hit songs including “No Hands.” Since then, he has been killing the rap game and has even started his own label. It’s safe to say that Waka is a prominent figure in the hip-hop/rap genre and well-versed in the art of turning up.

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Wednesday, January 11

Recommended: T.I. @ Cervantes

Southern rapper T.I. has been setting the standard in the hip hop genre since 1999. Also known as the King of the South, T.I. has gone through several re-births and has become a better artist because of it. Forewarning, this particular performance is advertised as “intimate” unlike that of his colleague, Waka Flocka Flame. However, T.I. has graduated to legendary status and experiencing his talents live would be a night well spent.

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Thursday, January 12

Recommended: Gregory Alan Isakov @ Boettcher Concert Hall

South African born artist Gregory Alan Isakov has been traveling his entire life, and his lyrics reflect it. Combining  rustic folk with new age indie, Isakov procures a feeling of melancholy longing in his listeners. His music, though soft, has heavily influenced the singer-songwriter genre. And best yet, after his years of traveling, Isakov has named Colorado his place of permanent residence. Isakov has teamed up with the Colorado Symphony to produce one hell of an album that they’ll be performing live.

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Friday, January 13

Recommended: Cody Johnson @ Grizzly Rose

Cody Johnson will be headlining two nights at the Grizzly Rose on tour to promote his new album Gotta Be Me. Johnson began his country music career back in 2006 alongside his father and has been at it ever since. When his hit “Cowboy Like Me” topped the charts in 2014, however, his career really took off. Johnson’s deep, strong voice matched with his knack for crowd-pleasing lyrics has acquired a loyal fan base for the singer that is only growing.

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Saturday, January 14

Recommended: Drive By Truckers, Dragondeer @ The Ogden

This southern rock band began growing its roots back in 1996 in the state of Alabama, which is evident in the group’s lyrics. Strong ties to the south and their alternative country sounds makes Drive By Truckers create their own niche. Their album they released in 2016, American Band, poetically recounts major political events through the eyes of the Drive By Truckers.

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Sunday, January 15

Recommended: Infected Mushroom, Dynohunter, at.play @ The Ogden

These guys are their own genre. Imagine psychedelic, EDM, dance and electronic synthesized together — that is Infected Mushroom. The Israeli duo will be gracing the stage at The Ogden on Sunday to perform their one-of-a-kind musical experience. Infected Mushroom utilizes various instruments as well as electronic rhythms, hypnotic visual backdrops, and obscure vocals to produce a memorable live show.

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