Denver is home to several communities that span religious, social, sexual and economic divides. For people who might be new to the area and are looking for a safe space or people who are looking to learn more about a certain group, these organizations are open to help anyone who might walk through their doors. Check out these options and please feel free to add any additional organizations and safe spaces in the comments.

The Center

Photo courtesy of GLBT Community Center of Colorado on Facebook.

Where: 1301 East Colfax Ave., Denver

Phone: 303-733-7743

Whether you’re part of the LGBT community or an ally who wants to actively help, The Center is a great spot in Denver for you. The Center has plenty of opportunities for LGBT members of the community and their families to come together, relate and build stronger bonds. They offer legal advice and programs for members of every orientation. If you’re an LGBT ally who wants to help, The Center offers volunteer and donation opportunities.

Rose Andom Center

Photo courtesy of Rose Andom Center on Facebook.

Where: 1330 Fox St., Denver

Phone: 720-337-4400

Domestic violence is a problem for many people in the Denver area. The Rose Andom Center provides resources to anyone who might need domestic abuse help. This safe space provides medical, financial, mental support and more to people trying to flee an abusive relationship. If you know someone who is in an abusive situation, or are in one yourself, don’t hesitate to contact the Rose Andom Center.

Women of Denver

Photo courtesy of Women of Denver on Facebook.

Where: 757 East 20th Ave. STE 370 #232, Denver

Phone: 720-515-3078


Women of Denver is a members-only group and support system for professional women who want to reach their full potential. The society asks its members to pay dues, but when membership could lead to a high-paying job, why not? Women of Denver will help build your connections, confidence, leadership skills, credibility and more. Through events, training and access to workshops and conferences, this group will support you and your endeavors.

Denver Islamic Society

Photo courtesy of Colorado Muslims on Facebook.

Where: 2124 South Birch St., Denver

Phone: 303-759-1985

Denver Islamic Society is devoted to traditional Muslim prayer, but is unique because it also offers educational tours to people who may not be of Muslim faith. Group and personal tours are available to openly teach what it means to be a Muslim and break down any preconceived notions. Looking for a place to practice your faith? The society advertises prayer times at several other mosques around Denver to make it easy to schedule your busy life and still leave time for prayer.

The Gathering Place

Photo courtesy of The Gathering Place on Facebook.

Where: 1535 High St., Denver

Phone: 303-321-4198

Homelessness is something that touches nearly every— if not all— cities in the United States. One of the more unique spots for Denver’s homeless citizens is The Gathering Place. This haven supports homeless women, children and transgenders in the Denver area with resources to escape homelessness. Located just 1.11 miles outside of the city center, The Gathering Place is nearby and available to help. If you happen to not fall into the categories listed above or are looking for a different option, check out the Homeless Shelter Directory for a complete list of shelter options.

The Blue Bench

Photo courtesy of The Blue Bench on Facebook.

Contact: 24-Hour Sexual Assault Hotline for Women and Men: 303-322-7273 or Línea de Crisis Sobre la Violencia Sexual: 303-329-0031

One in four women will be the victim of sexual assault. The Blue Bench in Denver has worked tirelessly to decrease those numbers and offer support and resources to those affected— victims and loved ones alike. The Blue Bench defines sexual assault as “an unwanted sexual action, whether physical or emotional, that is perceived as a violation of one’s own wishes or desires” and is available to assist anyone—not just women— whom may have felt a violation.

African Community Center

Photo courtesy of African Community Center of Denver on Facebook.

Where: 5250 Leetsdale Dr., Suite 200, Denver

Phone: 303.399.4500

African Community Center is a Denver-based organization that helps refugees build their American lives. The organization helps refugees resettle with everything from housing and jobs to youth programs and past trauma therapy. Many refugees come to the United States with little more than hope of the American dream— African Community Center helps support that dream by supporting the foundation. If you would like to volunteer or find out more information about Denver-based social enterprises that help refugees, check out the attached links.

Adaptive Recreation

Photo courtesy of Denver Parks and Recreation on Facebook.

Where: 1849 Emerson St., Denver

Phone: 720-865-0820


Denver Parks and Recreation offers age inclusive programs for people with disabilities. The programs include activities such as weight training, aquatics, cooking and many other skills. The staff and volunteers at Adaptive Recreation believe that a strong community starts with its citizens and stride to support the disabled community of Denver. American Sign Language translators are available upon request.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Photo courtesy of Community College of Denver on Facebook.

Where: Auraria Campus, Cherry Creek, 307, 1111 W. Colfax Ave., Denver

Phone: 303-556-2473

Community College of Denver offers ESL classes to people looking to increase English fluency. The program offers classes to students of all levels— beginner, intermediate and advanced. You will have to register for a class and pay respective dues, but the 12-19 hours per week of class-time and practice is sure to increase your English language skills.