American Grind Opens Monday in Avanti

American Grind photo by Lucy Beaugard.

Co-owners Chad George, Kade Gianinetti and Jared Schwartz are no strangers to the food industry. From Gianinetti and Schwartz launching the highly successful American Grind truck in 2014 to all three owners opening the equally exciting The Way Back in early 2016, it’s no wonder the three ex-bartenders have dived into the ever popular LoHi incubator to try their hand at a brick and mortar for their beloved burger truck.

Similar to what was once served on the now retired food truck, the crew will serve 1950s drive-in inspired fare ranging from their classic cheeseburg ($9) to their house-cut fries ($3 small; $5 large).

“No more food trucks. With our stance on, well, climate change, we’re a huge supporter of protecting our winters and trying to eliminate our footprint as much as possible. Driving around to different locations with a responsible burger concept just didn’t make much sense to us. From here on out everything will be brick and mortar — hopefully. We’re excited to be here,” responded Gianinetti when asked what would become of the food truck.

There seems to be one thing that truly separates this burger joint from the typical patty and fry place — the belief in responsible sourcing from start to finish. This means everything is of high quality and locally sourced while also being scratch made. The team has even gone as far to say that they’re on their last cases of tomatoes for the season, and that once they’re gone, well, they’re gone. Don’t fret though, once tomatoes are back in season, they’ll be back on the burgers. And quite honestly, house-made ketchup is basically all the tomato you’ll need for these juicy burgers.

“The focus of [having] that connection between The Way Back and American Grind [is] really that message of pushing for food that’s sourced responsibly and just done right,” said Gianinetti.

American Grind veggieburg and cheeseburg

Aside from the classics, American Grind will also be serving up its take on the veggieburg ($8). And if its beautiful natural color alone doesn’t entice you, then surely the flavor combination of beets, sweet potatoes, carrots and chickpeas will. The patty is expertly seasoned and served on a soft seeded bun with lettuce and onions. If you’re more carnivorous than anything try the crisp fried pork loin sammie ($9) with house-made mayo and mustard, Bibb lettuce and pickles. The sweet and savory sauce combination compliment the crisp loin and the buttery bun. The menu also offers the option of various add-ons including a local egg, Tender Belly bacon or a rotating seasonal ingredient.

American Grind will officially open Monday, January 16 at Avanti F & B and maintain the same hours as its location.

All photography by Lucy Beaugard.

The fried pork loin sammie with house-made mayo and mustard, Bibb lettuce and pickles.

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