32 Colorado Charities to Donate to This Holiday Season

Denver Food Rescue. Photo by Kyle Cooper

The end of every year is a natural time for reflection, gratitude and scrambling to buy gifts. But, instead of focusing on buying gifts with no meaning, take a look at our categorized list of Colorado charities. These organizations are all based in Colorado and raise money that stays in Colorado. Your creed for this holiday season can be— think globally, act locally. For ease of finding which cause you want to support, we’ve split them into five categories: Art & Culture, Food, Farm and the Environment, Animals and Pets, Community Building and For the Kids. 

You can start a tradition of giving back at the end of the year in your own name or you can donate in someone else’s name. Either way, donating to these causes will be one of the most meaningful gifts you can find during the holidays. And, knowing that your power as a consumer is one of the most influential choices you make on a regular basis, you can really embrace that holiday spirit and choose to support causes rather than consumerism.

Art & Culture

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Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
Curious Theatre Company
Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop
Denver Film Society
Art Students League of Denver
Redline Art Center

Food, Farm and the Environment

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Groundwork Denver
Slow Food Denver
Denver Food Rescue
The Park People
Center for Resource Conservation, Boulder
Food Bank of the Rockies
Colorado Water Trust

Animals and Pets

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Mountain Pet Rescue
Denver Pet Partners
Divine Feline
Colorado Horsepower, Inc.
Wild Bird Rescue and Rehab
Summit Dog Rescue

Community Building

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Rocky Mountain Active 20-30 Foundation
Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute
The Center- Advancing LGBT Colorado
Open Door Ministries
Pro Bono Patent Program
Denver Metro Partners


For the Kids

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Toys for Tots
Big City Mountaineers
Denver Urban Scholars
Girls INC, Denver
Urban Peak Denver
Laughing Coyote Project


Visit Colorado Gives for a complete list of organizations that need help fundraising.

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