With Denver Fashion Weekend (DFW) only few days away, we wanted to give you a closer look at some of our participants. Below you’ll find seven different designers, salons and boutiques Instagram accounts that’ll be showing on November 10-13. They’ll add some fashion flare to your feed just before the big show. Whether you’re looking for a backstage look at high fashion, a glimpse of an NYC designer, or the works of a local hairstylist, keep reading.

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Why you should follow: This is your glimpse into the life on NYC fashion. Editorial features and models on the runway will fill your feed and we even spotted Beyoncé in the designer’s clothes. Georgine is New York high fashion with a work hard, play hard attitude.


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Why you should follow: If you’re up for adding some couture and elegance to your feed, John Paul Ataker is the right choice. Runway and backstage photos will give you a look into this NYC brand. Spend a little time scrolling and you’ll find yourself daydreaming of the day you could wear one of these gorgeous gowns.


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Why you should follow: If you need some outfit inspiration or you want to keep up on the latest style trends, you won’t regret adding Fab’rik to your Instagram feed. You’ll find not only photos of the boutique’s latest inventory, but inspiring images of the items being worn on actual people. We’re talking bomber jackets, boots and beanies— you’ll be heading to their store in no time.


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Why you should follow: Rachel Marie Hurst is the designer you want to be best friends with. From her high fashion photos, mood boards and backstage selfies with models, this girly instagram shows fashion as a lifestyle and we love it.


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Why you should follow: The man behind DFW is also the man behind many other projects. Follow Charlie Price and you’ll see just what we mean. His passions are definitely evident through his pictures, he’ll take you on photoshoots, the runway and even his travels.


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Why you should follow: Whether you prefer hair goals or hair envy, Bri Bird Artistry has it. Scrolling through you’ll find pastel hair, short bobs and even fancy runway updos from the local Colorado salon. Behind the scenes pictures from photo shoots and fashion shows will have you wishing you pursued a career in hair.


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Why you should follow: Adding Gino Velardi will have you seeing models on models. Known for his elegant designs, there’s no shortage of glamour and luxury along his runway. Follow Velardi to see where you can find his designs at next.