Preparing for the holidays feasts is something every man, woman and child does differently. Some spend hours cooking, some put on elastic clothing and some dance into the wee hours of the night before to a local jam favorite, The Magic Beans.

As we uncovered in our Q&A with guitarist Scott Hachey earlier this week, the four beaners added a last minute show to the bill after their last performance in Denver, opening for the Infamous Stringdusters. The band had recently taken a break playing around the Denver area to focus on getting their name known elsewhere, however they knew they needed to come and give their oldest fans something special to gnaw on until next time.

Magic Beans

Photo By Dylan Langille © The Magic Beans All Rights Reserved 2016

Opening band Skydyed, who came down from Fort Collins, set the perfect vibe prior to the bean fest. Members Max Doucette, Andrew Slattery and Shane Eagen each contributed to a flow of jams with their funk-electronica and commendable light show. Doucette and Slattery rocked their guitar and bass respectively, each with their own synths in from of them to shape the sounds. It is easy to see how this trio has gained so much traction in the last few years.

At about 10:30 p.m. the headliners were ready to make their debut. The Beans waltzed out like they owned the place, acquiring their musical vehicles and beginning a familiar beat, “In Da Club” by 50 Cent. The group evolved from the cover into their own “Space Funk,” jamming away in the fashion that their “Team Bean,” or the name for fans of the group, have grown to expect.

“This is something else, man. This is something else.” Hachey said, reflecting on the large turnout.

“We’ve sold out! We have been planning this since forever so I’m so glad you all could make it!” Hachey added, mocking the last minute planning of the event.

The four musicians lifted off of the small stage with come new music, which was greeted with equal enthusiasm as the previously heard tracks. The funk-jams rocked out in accompaniment to an epic light performance and an appropriate sign reading “it’s not ground breaking, it’s ground shaking” was showcased next to Cody Wales on the Drums.

Magic Beans

Photo by Amanda Sandwiich Photography

After a short set break and midnight, Casey Russell hollered out, “It’s officially Thanksgiving!” Behind the keyboard. “I know 2016 hasn’t been the best, but we can make the best of it.”

A disco ball ascended, sparking shimmering swirls on the face of bassist Chris Duffy as he played his instrument. A paper airplane flew to the stage, Russell wasted no time jumping at an opportunity to throw it back. With the lights, jams and silly banter on stage, the show was a complete success for an already beloved band. The 303 is lucky to have so many opportunities to jam with the Magic Beans, and we can’t wait for more.