Let’s face it, the holidays can be one of the most difficult times of the year to make it to the gym. Between social obligations, cold weather and yummy festive treats it can be easy to slip into hibernation mode. Working out at home can be a great option. Local Pure Barre studio owner, Lindsey Girardot has designed four Pure Barre inspired workouts you can do from the comfort of your home this holiday season.

Meet your trainers

Workouts designed by: Lindsey Girardot Teets, owner of three Denver-area studios

pure barre

Workouts demonstrated by:
 Casidy McNally, manager of the Pure Barre Denver studios.

pure barre
Workouts were demonstrated at the Pure Barre Cherry Creek studio.


Directions: prop yourself up on your forearms, on your toes, with your feet hip-width apart parallel. Make sure to pull your abs up and in and tuck your hips under.  

Hold for 90 seconds.

pure barre


Directions: Place your fingertips forward, place your hands under your seat, feet hip width apart in parallel. Bend your elbows slightly and then press them up to extend straight. Repeat this in a pulsing motion. You can do this movement slowly to start and then speed it up for variation.

Try to stay in the exercise for 40 – 50 seconds.

pure barre

pure barre


Step 1: Hold on to a counter top or wall with your right hand, with your left hand on your hip. Place your heels together and your toes apart (about the size of 2 slices of a pumpkin pie).

pure barre


Step 2: Rise to your highest tippie-toes.

pure barre


Step 3: glue your heels back together.

pure barre


Step 4: bend your knees to sink your seat towards knee level, pull your tailbone under the body (into a neutral position). Move down one inch up one inch for 2.5 minutes

pure barre



Step 1: Get onto all fours.

pure barre


Step 2: Bend your heel to your seat, flex your foot, pull your abs up and in and tuck your hips under your body. Your hips will stay parallel while you lift that leg up an inch and then down an inch.

Do this for 2.5 minutes and then switch legs.

pure barre

Want more Pure Barre workouts? Pop in for a class. For a list of Pure Barre studios in Colorado click here.

“Pure Barre is guided by excellent, hands-on teachers and motivating music” Teets said. “It’s fast paced and non-impact. It is 55 minutes in and out and will change your body from head to toe. Our community is filled with all ages, all fitness levels and will welcome you with open arms.”

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