Stanley directional signIf you have ever taken any of REI’s outdoor courses, you know that they pack in plenty of fun, an opportunity to learn a new skill, and you leave with a few useful tips to take with you on your next mountain adventure. Luckily for us, REI understands our unique love for the great outdoors here in Colorado, and has started a brand new program at The Stanley Hotel for its easy access to Rocky Mountain National Park.

REI Basecamp at the Stanley Hotel can be found on the front lawn of the hotel, and offers the opportunity for fun interactive learning or the freedom to hang out under the shade of the large tent with a beer. Basecamp offers lawn games, campfire socials, weekly s’mores and whiskey/wine pairings.

I assure you, no matter how experienced you consider yourself to be when it comes to outdoor adventuring, you will find a course that is perfect for you. Here is an idea of what you can expect to find at REI Basecamp at the Stanley Hotel.

Wilderness Survival

For anyone who spends time in the backcountry a wilderness survival course if always a good idea. You never know when you will twist an ankle or lose your way back and knowing how to look after your basic needs until you are rescued is crucial to your survival. This class will teach you how to build the best shelter, find and filter your water source, build a survival kit to suit your needs, build a fire, and so much more. These small classes allow for plenty of one-on-one attention with the instructor to get all your survival questions answered.

First Aid Essentials

This 90-minute class is a must for anyone who spends time outdoors. Participants will learn the most important components of any good first aid kit, as well as options for buying a ready-made kit and how to do it yourself if that’s more your thing. If a certification in wilderness first aid is important to you, this course is a great introduction for the 16-hour Wilderness First Aid course.

Trail Construction + Campout

Participants will have the chance to help build a brand new trail for two days with a fun campout in between. Not only will this course offer the opportunity to blaze a brand new trail for many more outdoor enthusiasts to follow, but also the chance to learn sustainable trail building techniques.

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Iconic Hikes of Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park has a reputation for some of the most beautiful hikes in the state, and REI couldn’t agree more. Their Iconic Hikes offerings will take you through dense forests to famous alpine lakes and beyond. These hikes range from 5 to 8 hours in length depending on the destination, but are some of the most popular courses that REI has to offer. Sign up early as we can see these selling out fast!

Outdoor Emergency Basics

REI understands the importance of being prepared for any outdoor emergency, and that is why they offer this free class at Basecamp. The 90 minute course ensures that every time you embark on a new mountain adventure, you are prepared for whatever emergency you might face.

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Sunset Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park

This four-hour evening sunset hike is one of the most beautiful courses available at Basecamp, leading you through a variety of trees to some of the best vantage points for catching the evening sunset over the park. Dinner is included in the course so that you can maximize your time on the trail, soaking up the views. And the guides will offer plenty of information about the surrounding area as you go.

What Knot To Do Camping

One of the most important skills to know when camping or surviving outdoors is how to tie knots. And not only how to tie them, but which ones are best for a variety of situations. This popular class will teach you five important knots and when is the appropriate time to use each of them. Practice makes perfect with these knots and you will have plenty of time to practice in this 90-minute course.

The Stanley Hotel

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The Stanley Hotel is in a league all its own. The rich (and haunted) history of this beautiful hotel draws millions of visitors each and every year. Known for its role in Stephen King’s The Shining, visitors can take a haunted night tour of the hotel  with regular tours operating several times a day beginning on the lower level of the hotel. Enjoy evenings in the Whiskey Bar, dine alfresco at Cascades Restaurant, or take an evening stroll around the grounds. Lay your head in one of the Lodge at the Stanley rooms or meander down the drive to the brand new Aspire Residences for a truly luxurious stay.