Denver is well known for its live music scene, from bluegrass to EDM, from the Front Range to the Rocky Mountains.  This time, we’re shifting our focus to something different – the kids.  While most of us spend our summers at Red Rocks and our winters on Colfax, we’d like to introduce a different sort of live music that is part of Denver’s ever-growing music community.  Today, we are featuring a fresh and creative youth project called 303 Choir, where Denver’s “youngins” have started their musical careers bright and early.

Local artist and producer Adam Duncan is one of the many musicians that the youth of the 303 Choir have had the opportunity to collaborate with on their music.  303 Choir, an open community choir that gives 6th-12th grade students the opportunity to collaborate with local artists and their fellow Denver youth, has taken a cause close to Duncan’s heart and has created something beautiful out of it.

This incredible and inspiring community-through-music youth group is onto their newest project, a new tune entitled “Awnee’s Song.”  “Awnee’s Song” is dedicated to a dear friend of Duncan’s, a thirteen-year-old girl who in February was diagnosed with Philadelphia Chromosome Positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  303 Choir, chock full of young, raw talent, is taking the power that they are able to generate together and using it for the furthering of the greater good.

The mission of 303 Choir, as stated on their Facebook page, is for youth to “meet, learn from, and perform with contemporary and community-minded musicians…They are inspired to connect with the world around them and empowered to find their own creative, artistic and social voice through locally created songs and experiences.”  During a time when adolescents have so much creative freedom, it’s tremendously refreshing to see this group of young Denver-ites utilizing their freedom in such an empowering way.

Courtesy of Adam Duncan

Courtesy of Adam Duncan

This mission and goal is exactly what 303 Choir is achieving with “Awnee’s Song,” which Duncan says “was written for Awnee and her family, but was also written to help people going through something life-changing, boy or girl, young or old.  For anyone struggling with a battle spiritually, mentally and physically, and to help get them through it.  Whatever positivity can be generated through this song, the better.”  Furthermore, there is optimism surrounding the project and its ability to gain traction for the GoFundMe account that has been set up in Awnee’s honor by her family in hopes to raise money for her treatments.

Courtesy of Adam Duncan

Courtesy of Adam Duncan

Summer has been a very busy season for 303 Choir, with several open workshops and “Summer Sessions,” and performances all around the city of Denver, including a recent gig at the Denver Botanic Gardens alongside Trout Steak Revival.  “Awnee’s Song” has been added 303 Choir’s live catalogue, and will continue to be performed by this motivated and inspirational youth group at any upcoming shows.  Keep up with 303 Choir on their Facebook page, and stay tuned for a chance to see them live through the remainder of summer, and later on this year.

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