Willow boutique in Boulder is a great one-stop shop for locals and tourist alike. Opened in the fall of 2013, the shop is going strong due to its diversity in contemporary styles and fashion. Unlike other shops in the area, owner Andrea Resnick has hand picked each garment in the boutique for every type of women that might stop in. There’s something for the typical Boulder hippie alongside something for the tailored business women.

If you’ve never been, we recommend hitting up Willow next weekend, for their famous sidewalk sale taking place July 22 though July 24. Shoppers will save up to 75 percent off Spring + Summer 2016 clothing, jewelry, shoes and handbags. As we mentioned, there’s a bit of something for everyone with designers such as Halston Heritage and Rachel Zoe gracing the racks of this boutique. Willow is located at 2595 Canyon Boulevard in Boulder, Colorado. But if that’s not enough to convince you to make a trip up to Boulder to check out Willow, we sat down with owner Andrea Resnick, to give you the scoop on their heritage, fashion philosophy, and the possible future of Willow.

Shop Local – Willow Boutique is a Staple in Boulder


All photos by Corey Anthony Photography.

303: Tell us a bit about Willow and its history. Why was Willow opened in Boulder as opposed to another Colorado city?

Resnick: I’ve always been a lover of fashion and opening a boutique was a long time dream of mine. As I child I played “store” with my sisters and brother as my begrudging patrons and had a subscription to W magazine.  I went to college at the University of Colorado and Boulder has always held a special place in my heart. Three children, 5 cats and 5 dogs later I moved back to Boulder with my family after years on the East Coast. The timing was finally right to open a store and because Boulder was my home again. Tt was the natural choice.
I also saw a void in the market for contemporary women’s fashion here.  I felt that the stores along Pearl street catered exceptionally well to visiting tourists but as a town local I didn’t feel there was a great place to shop for everyday and every occasion. I specifically chose a location in Central Boulder  rather than on Pearl with ample free parking to cater to the women that actually live in Boulder. We all love the laid back lifestyle in Boulder but fashion can be a casualty of the casual environment here.  We encourage ladies to dress and feel their best in every circumstance, from the office to the mountain trails.
Colorful summer looks and accessories at Willow.

Colorful summer looks and accessories at Willow.

303: What kind of style does the Willow girl go for?
Resnick: The Willow woman is every woman: she is stylish, sophisticated, modern, chic, edgy, classic and contemporary, sometimes all rolled into one! As women, we often wear many hats and need a variety of looks in our closet. Our customers run the gamut – from stay-at-home moms, to fitness instructors, health food experts, doctors, lawyers and CEOs and we aim to have an outfit for almost any occasion. We love to see our customers personalities shine and grow through what they wear. We encourage our customers to bring their favorite go-to pieces from their closets in with them when shopping for a particular event, incorporating a tried and true favorite piece into a new outfit can be the best way to ensure that a client still feels true to her style and like herself while looking chic and on-trend.
 “Comfort is key when you’re spending half your time in workout wear, we touch, feel and even try on every single item before we bring it into the store to be sure that fits and fabrics will work for our clients.”
303: What can we expect to see at Willow this summer? What trends would you recommend readers try out for the season?
Resnick: We’re loving the bohemian chic look for the hot days of summer in Colorado. Decades ago Boulder was an icon of the hippie movement and we are happy to see this updated! Bohemian detailing combined with a great fit and quality fabrics brings the look into the 21st century. Trends we’re loving are  off the shoulder tops and dresses and cropped frayed denim. We have lots of lace, neon embroidery and flowing silhouettes on the racks this month.
303: What would you say about Denver style vs Boulder style?
Resnick: Boulder is definitely more casual than Denver.  Our proximity to the mountains and abundance of outdoor space mean that people spend lots of time outside and dress accordingly. We have lots of customers walk in the door straight from pilates or barre and we see them out on the weekends rocking cute tops and skinny jeans at a rooftop bar. Comfort is key when you’re spending half your time in workout wear, we touch, feel and even try on every single item before we bring it into the store to be sure that fits and fabrics will work for our clients. Boulder black-tie events lean more towards cocktail attire so black tie dresses are one thing we rarely keep in stock.
303: Where would you like to see Willow in 10 years?
Resnick: In 10 years I see Willow as a fashion mainstay in Boulder. Every season we are growing and changing in response to our customers feedback but we never want to stray from being a fun and easy place to shop. We’ve had such an amazing response in the past three years we can’t wait to see whats in store!

Willow’s amazing view of the mountains.


Racks and racks of statement pieces at Willow.


Organized denim and easy tops for the casual gal.