Summer is upon us making tanks and shorts the staple item in everyone’s wardrobe. But we know Denver has been stepping it up when it comes to style in recent years, so why not apply it to concert fashion? Sure, it might be easy to dress down in a tee and jeans, but what’s the fun in that. Try stepping out of your comfort zone while still staying practical with 5 Summer Concert looks to Try for 2016.

303 Magazine teamed up with local Denver boutiques to get you inspired for all the upcoming summer concerts you’ll be attending in the next few months. We headed over to Indy Ink, located at 84 South Broadway to gather some versatile men’s looks that you can interchange for whatever occasion it might be. This shop is great for looks inspired by local designs and street wear. Then we made our way to the Highlands to pull the women’s looks from Ily-Iley, located at 2525 15th Street. A female owned boutique with pieces that mix high fashion with high street.

5 Summer Concert Looks to Try for 2016

For a…Rock Concert

Rock Look

All Photographs by Danielle Webster

Guys: This cut-off flannel by Fairplay is great for indoor concerts at venues like the Hi-Dive and Larimer Lounge. These spaces are smaller and typically older, causing it to get hot—fast. For practical reasons, the cut-off look helps with ventilation while still giving off a tough guy look. We choose this piece in the classic black and white pattern, making it extremely versatile throughout your wardrobe. Paired back to black jeans, this keeps things stubble and lets the print do the talking. We then threw on the Pizza Hat by Reason to add more personality to the look.

IMG_6618 (1)

Fairplay sleeveless flannel and Reason pizza hat.

Girls: Why not try something new in the form of punk and skip on the denim jackets and black jeans? We’re loving this side split tank by Bless’ed are the Meek in olive green. The color is versatile year round and the knit makes for some nice draping. We wanted to show some skin and keep things cool by doing a simple black bandeau underneath the top. Not only will this show off your figure, it’ll be sure to keep you cool at a crowded concert. These black, distressed shorts by One X OneTeaSpoon work great with the length of the green knit. From the front, it can appear as a one piece dress, but from the side a whole new look takes place. Add some height with a comfy, healed boot and you’re ready to rock.

Bless’ed are the Meek side split top.


For an…Outdoor Concert


Lovers + Friends green romper with Reason multi-color windbreaker.

Guys: We know you want to keep things practical and have one look do it all, so we picked up this multi-printed windbreaker from Reason. The variety of colors really compliment summer while keeping you dry, warm, and even cool in an outdoor setting. The thin nylon of the windbreaker is fairly breathable and works well with just a thin tee underneath. Knowing Colorado weather, a storm can break out at just about any time. The hood will keep you safe and dry while the nylon shields you from the winds. Not this time Red Rocks!


Branded Bills Colorado snap back in evergreen.

Girls: Summer time is a great excuse to keep things flowy, that’s why we love this chiffon romper from Lovers + Friends. The fresh green color works great for any outdoor setting, helping you stand out with a pop of color without being fluorescent. Off the shoulder looks are all the rage right now, and this romper will keep you on trend. The many set of ruffles adds some great texture while giving a very girly flare to the look. But we wanted to keep things a bit edgier and paired it back to cool, mirrored sunglasses you’ll be needing for any outdoor occasion.

For a…Hip Hop Show


Two piece set by Bless’ed are the Meek and Flamingo printed top by Create Karma.

Guys: Hip-hop looks are hard to mimic without looking way over the top, or like you’re trying to hard. That’s why we love this printed Flamingo Jersey by Create Karma, a local brand. The tropical print is visually stimulating while adding color and texture to the look. The bomber style collar gives off a much more hip vibe, while making it easy for guys to just throw on. We paired this look with a black, drawstring short by Akomplice and a Colorado snap back by Branded Bills to show off that Denver pride. But we all know, the top is doing all the work in this look by keeping things both fun and hip. The top also features perforated holes, great for indoor concerts that may get hot and muggy.

IMG_7016 (1)

Female model Chu Ming Min Luftig and Male model John Lundy.


Girls: We wanted to kick it up a notch and really go all out. This two piece look from Bless’ed are the Meek will help set you apart from all the other basic bitches at the venue. Created with a laser cut, zebra pattern, the sheer top is both cool and sexy. The matching, drawstring pant keeps the vibe going. But what we love most is the skin exposure on top, which really creates great contrast against an all black look. The detailed slit sleeve and gold detailing on the pants give it some more edge. Overall, this two piece set is channeling the likes of Beyoncé while still keeping things easy and comfy.

For a…Local Summer Jam


Rebel8 tee shirt and Della printed orange dress.

Guys: Let’s keep things cool and casual for this look. Summer jams are typically different from festivals, taking place locally with local bands and a more laid back approach. For this look we went back to what we had, using the Rebel8 Tee as a staple for the look. Black shorts by Akomplice were in order to keep things outdoor friendly. The knit makes these a great tradition piece from day to night. We added on this Herschel Backpack for practicality, allowing for some


Girls: We took a cue from the men’s look and wanted to keep things simple and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean we were going to settle. This orange patterned, A-line dress from Della was a one shop look, just throw it on and go. The cut is flattering for just about any girl and the cotton material is machine washable, which means more time for dancing and less babysitting. Since the dress really does take center stage, we kept the rest of the look simple by adding on pair of chunky heels and an easy cross-body bag.

look 4

For an…Indie Show


Rebel8 tee shirt and Create Karma over shirt, Finders and Keepers white slit top.

Guys: We love the idea of layering, especially for an indoor show. Here, we’re recycling pieces from earlier with the Rebel8 Tee and  Flamingo Jersey by Create Karma. The juxtaposition of colors against the black tee help create visual interest while not going over the top. What we love most about layer is that you can subtract pieces. Small show? Keep the button up on for a cool, layered look. Crowded venue? Easily slip this off to keep this fresh. Blue jeans finished off the look to keep things neutral and tone things down.

Girls: We’re taking the ’90s trend to the next level by mixing and matching it with modern looks. We were attracted to this white Finders Keepers top for its blocky look. The waist slits really allow for a stark contrast against the distressed black shorts. We wanted to keep an emphasis on the elongated lines of the ribbing and just donned an easy bandeau underneath that stayed hidden. A hologram bucket bag and updated choker complete with a leather finish kept the ’90s vibe going strong while still keeping this in the 21st century.

look 5

Special thanks to:

The Hi-Dive for allowing us to shoot at the venue.

Men’s Boutique: Indy Ink and Women’s Boutique: Ily Iley

Stylist: Khoa Sinclair

Photographer: Danielle Webster