Blizzard or not, Denver diners kept our Instagram feeds full this month with the additions of thousands of new tags. In March, we celebrated our 10,000th #303EATS photo, and as of yesterday, we’ve already surpassed that number and are well on our way to 12,000. Keep on tagging and make sure to peep at our round-up to see if any of these insta-finds pique your interest.

@Mini_Beasttt, New Saigon Bakery

Photo Mar 29, 9 18 54 PM

“Lunch dessert. Are crepe cakes not the most impressive looking cakes? Just look at the layers! They’re perfect…even with the bare spot where I stuck my finger in the frosting before taking the photo because I am an impatient toddler.  You are a magician, @newsaigonbakery.”

PhatPh00d, OTOTO Den

Photo Mar 29, 9 42 02 PM

“Hamachi Carpaccio With A Drizzle Of Ginger Sesame Garlic Oil”

@Carrieb970, Brazen

Photo Mar 29, 9 46 27 PM

“Blueberry and vanilla pancakes topped with honey comb. “

@Jen_World at Kseni Mademoiselle

Photo Mar 29, 9 23 13 PM

“My #favorite #macarons from #ksenimademoiselle”

@MileHighandHungry, Chop Shop 

Photo Mar 29, 9 23 24 PM

“Grilled bacon wrapped meatloaf.”

@BradtandB, Bar Dough

Photo Mar 29, 9 43 09 PM

“Wood Fired Margherita Pizza #icantbelieveiatethewholething Believe.”

@DenverDishes, Black Pearl Restaurant 

Photo Mar 31, 10 36 18 PM

“Poached eggs from @blackpearldenver to celebrate Friday!”

@Spoonnoodle, Sushi Den


"Chirashi time!"

“Chirashi time!”


@Brennahro, Nuggs Ice Cream

Photo Mar 29, 9 23 47 PM

Thinkin bout @nuggsicecream hot chocolate on this blizzard-y day.