Two of Boulder’s own home grown Electronic Dance Music producers are teaming up for another back to back set for the ages. This Sunday, April 3, Jantsen and Dirt Monkey will be taking over Cervantes Other Side for one super set of music to close out the week. These two producers have been perfecting their craft for years now and at this point they both make creating popular music look easy. Both of these artists have also collaborated with many other high profile DJ’s, such as Bassnectar, Ill Gates and more. Each of these artists knows how to put on one hell of a show, and so performing a show where they blend their music together is always a treat.
Jantsen and Dirt Monkey are guaranteed to fill up the Other Side and get the crowd completely bouncing on their feet. Neither of these guys is shy about trying new things on stage and both have a whole array of unreleased material hidden away in their repertoire. Expect this special back to back set to be packed to the brim with heavy bass music, Hip-Hop anthems, melodic downtempo and some all new material. Cervantes Other Side is the perfect place to host this awesome meeting of the minds too. This intimate venue is always a great place to connect with the full vibe of an artists set, and this show is certainly going to be filled with energy and definitely not one to miss. You can get your tickets to see Jantsen and Dirt Monkey on the same stage together at for $12 in advance and $15 the day of the show.

Jantsen & Dirt Monkey perform back to back. Photo from Dirt Monkey's Facebook

Jantsen & Dirt Monkey perform back to back
Photo from Dirt Monkey’s Facebook