Photo by Danielle Webster

Through the haze of the fog ridden Fillmore Auditorium on Tuesday, a herd of trap fans were forced to weave their way in and out of bar lines and lost girls on their phones in order to cross the huge floor. However, the exhaustive feat proved to be worthwhile, as what awaited them at the base of the majestic stage was none other than Future and his Purple Reign Tour.

Around 9 PM the lights went down for the main event, and out came the man in white. The crowd was properly riled and ready for the beats and twisted lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, it was not too far into the show that Future was shouting out those iconic lyrics that opened up the 2015 album, “DS2.” You know the ones, where he details what he just did to your female companion and the specific footwear he was wearing at the time.


Photo by Danielle Webster

Videos of purple figures molded in and out of shapes behind “Future Hendrix,” the artist formerly known as Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn. “At the Same Damn Time” was spouted out in unison to giant fog chutes blasting off on stage. Then, a light show that could rival any Phish laser show at your local planetarium spewed over the crowd, prompting thousands of tiny screens to be hoisted into the air as if Snapchat had personally sent an entire army.

Just as the set was getting to the nitty gritty of “Karate Chop,” the music made an abrupt halt. It must have been technical issues, as Future became frustrated, visible even through the hovering cloud of smoke.


Photo by Danielle Webster

It eventually started back up again, however only for abbreviated versions of “My Savages” and “Peacoat” before if crashed out again. Luckily, the life of the party was resurrected once again, which the artist celebrated with “ I Serve the Base” and “Freak Hoes.”

While demanding the audience put their two’s up, the stage was taken over by DJ Esco, one of the two executive producers on the recent Purple Reign mixtape. After “Drippin’” and some crowd surfing, it was safe to say Future had successfully brought the crowd onto his level. Which apparently was the level at which to convince the mile high to “Fuck up Some Commas,” and get into a little “Diamond Dancing” along with our “Real Sisters.”


Photo by Danielle Webster

“Jumpman,” “March Madness,” and “Wicked,” finished out the performance, although the last spectacle of the eve was an abundance of confetti wildly shooting out into the outstretched hands of the patrons. At this point, the man of the hour had undoubtedly heard the Xanax calling, and left the stage for good, but not before crowning Denver, “the loudest crowd of the Purple Reign Tour.” Left at this point, were two kinds of people: those who stayed to excitedly plan seeing Future again next month at Fiddler’s Green with Snoop Dogg, and those who hustled home to get those full eight hours in. Regardless, the trap beats resounded in the skulls of all long after the show had ended, therefore proving a successful Tuesday evening.